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Weekly Non-League Documentary

Two years ago I began filming nonleague football in an effort to produce a feature length documentary around a couple of clubs in Step 5 and Step 7. And while that is still going ahead, this season I decided to create a weekly series on YouTube in an effort to start building an audience.

As I write, we are six subscribers away from being able to create a custom YouTube URL, so forgive me for creating a new thread for this push! There is a thread about this, but now it’s a weekly thing I’m hoping to drum up new viewers! 

There’s a new episode every Saturday at 7pm (I’m lucky that Dorking Wanderers are playing through lockdown) and I’ll soon be releasing interviews with pros who have experience of the lower levels, including the likes of Robbie Simpson, Luke Chadwick and Matt Smith (sorry) among others. 

Here’s the most recent episode - for those that haven’t seen this channel before, I really hope you like it!


  • Liked and subscribed. 
  • Great stuff mate! Liked and subscribed 
  • Been watching these since you last posted and really enjoying them.

    There was a shot from way up high in the last one I watched, do you use a drone to film some of the games?
  • Loved seeing another manager, shame it was against Horley!
  • Thanks all! Your ongoing support is amazing. 

    We’ve hit 100 so I can now give us a proper URL. Thanks! 
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