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Official Royal British Legion Poppy & Charlton Athletic badge - Your help needed

Now we are not going to be having crowds back at the Valley for some time we have a problem you can help with.

Mick Everett has, with the Royal British Legion, organised the production of some official Charlton poppy pin badges for 2020.

With not being able to sell them at the Valley it will be difficult to sell them all.

That would be a real shame not just in terms of much needed income for the wonderful RBL but because they may not think it viable to do next year.

They are now in stock at Royal British Legion shop at £4.99 each via the link above.

We'd hate for them to be left on shelf because none of us can buy them at the Valley.

Hope Admin are OK about putting this here rather than the marketplace given the circumstances.

And yes, I know some people don't like football poppy badges but that's a debate for another time.

Thanks in advance.



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