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Streaming Services - Hidden Gems & Chilled Watching

Thought it may be worth starting a thread for those hidden gems in the streaming services. 

Some of those that surprised me

- Shocking acting predictable stories, but somehow enjoyable 
The Rookie
- Another with questionable acting, but Nathan Fillion carries the show well. 

Rust Valley Restorers

- Not good tv but I love a muscle car and have learned of ones I never knew about in this series. Owner of the workshop is a very typical hoarder. 
The Last Kingdom 
- An enjoyable twist on history. Well worth a watch if you liked Vikings. Think it was bought off the BBC.

Amazon Prime
- Blood violence and decent acting for the most part... Also Lagertha.
The Boys
- Nice twist on the Superhero genre

Sure some of these aren't greatly hidden, but they are all decent enough for some chilled watching.
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