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Sheff Weds Decision 12 points Next season



  • Wonder if Farnell will offer the EFL a deal, letting our dodgy owners sneak through as long as we drop any potential legal action against them...
    Wouldn't surprise me. Funny how both Farnell AND Parkes have been very confident this week that Elliott will pass the EFL tests. It's as if they know something. ...
  • Farnell see an opportunity to bill some more legal fees. Won't really try and win but sell another player to fund? 
  • I don't think we'll get Legal Aid though.
  • So cheating is ok then?

    I would be so embarrassed to be a fan of SW. They will be branded as cheats forever. They can never win anything and be proud as there is nothing as low in sport as a cheat.
    And they have been found guilty of cheating.

    The fact that the EFL do not consider cheating to be worthy of relegation just about sums them up. Their owner has spent a huge fortune setting up sham companies to cheat the system. No doubt many supporters across football will be wondering if any EFL officials will be having all expensive free holidays any day soon.
  • Farcical decision but to be expected with the crooked EFL, I didn't expect anything different. 

    I know our current owners (whoever they are) are shite but I do blindingly hope that we can build some kind of coalition with Barnsley and Wigan to challenge this decision.    
  • I agree with the Muttley. They have potentially avoided any penalty at all with this decision. It should apply now as it should have months ago. Weak decision making, weak communication, weak transparency and I’m sick of having to roll with the never ending torrent of punches. Cheats will prosper it seems at the expense of Charlton.
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  • To be honest, it is the credibility of the game more than any one club.
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    Probably best we don’t make a legal challenge, we’d more likely get a points deduction from them for a frivolous challenge.
  • Any legal action we take will take weeks and weeks to sort out. We'll end up starting next season possibly in the championship, with a dquad of 12 senior players and the rest out of the under 11's
  • Would be a good time to be in the championship next season with this and a Wycombe team who have done wonders but will surely struggle. 
  • Would be a good time to be in the championship next season with this and a Wycombe team who have done wonders but will surely struggle. 
    Yeah, we'd have had a great chance to stay up. It's a disaster 
  • By the way for everyone blaming the EFL, the decision to deduct 12 points and do it next season is the decision of the independent disciplinary panel, not the EFL.
    Maybe this is what the Dubious Goals Committee does close season?
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  • KM the innocent party rides into Sheffield to save the day, while CF leaps to expose the wrongs of it all, both with PR companies behind them just in case they make a comment that could prove to be to their detriment - specialists in their own field of course. 
  • Love that the wendies are saying it is sour grapes and we have nothing to complain about on their forum - they've been cheating for years and been given a get out of jail free card. Wouldn't it be nice if we had a decent owner who could actually sue them/the EFL.

    This is a farcical decision in every way - surely there should be much bigger ramifications for commiting fraud than a 12 point deduction when it doesn't matter? Is fraud legally acceptable now or is there a criminal case to answer here?
  • It is clearly not too bad a crime according to the EFL.
  • Yes it would, but it didn't come to light then sadly. If you cheat in this way, you benefit and have an unfair advantage until you are punished.
  • I'm not worried. Charlton have said this afternoon they will consider legal action. We have a lawyer working at the club right now called Chris Farnell. He released a statement this very afternoon, the standard of which leads me to predict.....

    We'll be playing Cray Wanderers next season.
  • Can efl appeal the punishment if they don’t like it? (However doubtful).
  • Fuck the EFL 😡😡
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