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Why does your offspring not support Charlton?

Rob Elliot , Charlton fan  saying his kids are Geordie fans prompted me on this .
I can understand it with him being their player etc 

I know there are a few on here (not including the scum or palarse fans ) whose kids support other clubs and can understand if children live with the other parent and that side of the family get the child to support another team .
I like to consider myself fairly reasonable in general but where football is concerned there is no rationale and no child of mine was ever gonna be allowed to support another team.
The youngest has a Barca kit , father in law bought for him but he get’s palace’d off and abused when he wears it and they all (4 boys ) know it’s Charlton and no one else .
Do we like so and so dad , no we only like Charlton and we hate murrrrr (the M word is banned in our house )
I have one son not in to footy , motor racing geek but he still wears a Charlton kit and comes to the odd game .


  • My eldest daughter is a Charlton supporter & used to come with me until she moved away. Alas my youngest one supports the spuds because she had a crush on Gary Lineker when she was younger.
  • My daughter has absolutely no interest in football whatsoever. 
  • Didn’t get a choice. It was Charlton or the highway. Wouldn’t change it for the world as both parents, brothers, cousins & uncle all support Charlton.

    I was fortunate as Charlton were top side when I was growing up. Finishing top 10 in premier league was easy to defend myself in the playground when being mocked by glory hunters. 
  • Fraid I have to agree with that.
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    I’m the end of a line that goes back to my great grandparents. I sense that my two girls humour me on the rare occasions I talk about Charlton with them.
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    My Eldest (17) is a Charlton fan and has never wavered  despite nearly everyone up here being Arsenal fans but my youngest (14) supports Manchester United like his Grandparents. He does come to Charlton sometimes and came to Wembley but he doesn't like saying he likes Charlton.  He is called Sam , named after Sam Bartram. 
  • I had an ingenious plan and it worked.

    When my son was 6, I took him to the New Zealand friendly at The Valley for his first “big” game.

    We’re playing an entire country today son, not just a piddling town or city”.

    He must’ve been impressed because from that game on, it has only been Charlton.

    Actually, looking back, what an awful father I was, cajoling him into supporting CAFC.
  • My daughters 'support' Charlton and @Len\'s_little_girl is still a season ticket holder despite being abroad most of the time. In 'normal' circumstances she gets back for as many games as she can. The other two came when they were younger and one came to Wembley with us (the other would have done but was on holiday pre arranged).

    It will be a harder job getting my grandsons interested I think. Given the heartache we are going through at the moment I sometimes think I should leave well alone and let them chart their own course. I won't though!
  • Sadly neither my daughter or son like football - my daughter has been to some matches and enjoyed the atmosphere (her last game was when we played Hartlepool and the away fans dressed as Smurfs and the Red Devil’s parachuted into the Valley and we were crowned League 1 champs - I think the only way I could have topped that was if she came to Wembley May last year, which she would have hadn’t she been in Crete) - my son has no interest, cricket and Formula 1 are his sports - I don’t mind, as you can’t force them to like a sport - however if they did like football, they wouldn’t have had any opportunity other than to support Charlton (just like my Dad did to me in 1976 😊)
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    There was no way my kids would be supporting anyone else. The brainwashing starts early, the badge on mats, cups and pint glasses etc.  The replica shirts, going regularly/all home games, add in a few aways and then along comes a sunny day at Wembley with a last minute winner and my job is complete. It's in their blood, forever. It was never going to be anyone else
  • my boys are solid charlton now but they both flirted with a bit of liverpool and wwe wrestling when younger!!! my youngest refused to go for a few years saying we were rubbish (couldn't argue) but he now goes home and away - i've got a mate who lives in hayes - he's spurs and his boys class are mainly palace but his boy and his boys mates all go charlton and love it - its a great wind up.   
  • bobmunro said:
    If your children support anyone other than who you support then you've failed as a parent.

    I absolutely agree!
    Reminds me of the story of when I took my two to their first game at The Valley (apologies as I think I've told this story on more than one occasion on here!). Boxing Day against Norwich in 1997 - my two were 6 and 8 and had been talking about very little else in the weeks leading up to Christmas but I was aware that their mates at their football club supported a variety of other teams - Newcastle at the time was a very popular choice mainly because of Shearer.
    We left home (in Kent) early and got to The Valley around 11.00 for a 12.30 kick-off. As we walked to The Valley from the car they were getting more and more excited, but as we approached the turnstiles I turned to them both and said that if they walk through those turnstiles they are committing to supporting Charlton all their lives - and if they didn't want to make that commitment then we could turn around and walk back to the car, allowing them to choose whatever team they wanted to support. No surprise what happened and my manipulative behaviour worked a treat! We won 2-1 which helped!
    They came over last Sunday for Father's Day and one of my presents was the programme from that game that my youngest had sourced online :)
    Love that 
  • If your children support anyone other than who you support then you've failed as a parent.
    Most definitely. My Dad ruined my life by taking me to Charlton and I have followed suit and ruined my 3 sons lives (although one doesn’t go to games anymore). My Daughter is getting the same punishment when she is old enough. I hope one day they all ruin their own children’s lives as well. It makes me feel like I’m sharing the burden. 
  • my dad got us all into it after his dad and uncles etc did him - when i was sort of 14-16ish i used to go to milllwall when charlton were away with my mates, must have been a worrying time for him!!! Funny thing is, my dad was much happier and more stress free when there was no charlton for a few months - he's now a bundle of berves again - does make you wonder why we all bother - fortunately it doesn't get me like that anymore so much although i will be pacing up and down if we are one up with 5 to go. 
  • My grandad was a Charlton fan, my dad is a Charlton fan, me, my brother and sister are Charlton fans, my 2 are Charlton fans, my brothers 2 are Charlton fans.  Like you oohhaahh, I think I am reasonable generally but when it comes to Charlton, there is no choice.
  • My youngest son has no choice, his middle name is Charlton.

    The eldest one is a manure glory hunter (not much glory at the moment haha) but still comes to Charlton games.

    They are both in their thirties and at least the younger one will get everything when we kick the bucket. Only joking Gary. 
    Please tell me his first name is Rodney.
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