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80th Birthday today and alone

Just wanted to post up. My dad turns 80 today. Sadly he will be alone in his flat. We can't meet up to celebrate due to his vulnerability, age and that. He's been an Addick since a boy and loves the bones of this club and it's supporters. He will read this thread as he does. He isn't a member, more a daily lurker and technophobe. He's been going to games since the 50's, yes even the Huddersfield comeback, so some of you will have crossed paths with him more than once over the decades.

This is a plea. If anyone could wish him Happy Birthday, that would be great. 

His name is Alan. Lives in Sheffield. 

Many thanks.


  • Happy birthday Alan! 
  • Happy birthday Alan if you're reading this, stay safe and get yourself back down to the Valley once all this is over.
  • Happy birthday Alan!
  • Happy Birthday Alan - Its not the sort of day that you'll have wanted but hope you have a good one all the same
  • Hi Alan,

    Happy birthday and all the best
  • Happy Birthday Alan!
  • Happy Birthday, Alan. Once an Addick, always an Addick!
    Sheffield is a lovely city, and that's from a Glossopian! Only the Snake Pass and beautiful Pennines to divide us.
    Stay in and have a merry knees-up watching whatever you fancy, eating your choices and relaxing. Happy Birthday, fellow Addick!
  • Happy birthday, Alan!
  • Happy Birthday Alan 👍
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  • Happy birthday Alan!
  • Happy Birthday Alan, I bet you have seen some great players, in a Charlton shirt over the years.
  • 🎂 
  • Happy birthday Alan.
    It's a shame you have to spend it on your own.
    My mum turned 90 last month and had to spend the day on her own as well.
    Hopefully this will all be over soon and families and friends can all meet up.
  • Hi Alan
    I wish you a very happy birthday and hope you are down the valley in the near future
  • Happy Birthday Alan.

    I'd love to know who your favourite ever player is. There's quite a few to choose from!
  • Happy Birthday Alan! Let’s hope football restarts safely before too long, something to look forward to.
  • Very many happy returns to you Alan. Always nice to hear about one of the Charlton family, all Addicks are special people in my book. 
  • Happy happy birthday Alan - once an Addick always an Addick
  • Happy 80th Alan. Up the addicks!
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  • Happy Birthday Alan !
  • happy birthday Alan!!!
  • Happy 80th birthday fellow Addick! Best wishes!
  • Happy Birthday Alan , 80 years today & an addick since the 50s you must have some stories to tell , I’m a technophobe too & have recently joined & was surprised how simply it all works & I sure could do with some of those stories in this lockdown, I used to love hearing my dads old Charlton stories.
    you have seen & done more than most of us will & been through worse times so I guess you know better than most that this will come & go & life will go on.
    Enjoy your day the best you can & I hope to hear from you one day ,3 cheers for you !
  • Happy Birthday Alan. You're not alone. We're all with you. 
  • Happy 80th Birthday Alan! 
  • Happy birthday Alan.
  • Happy Birthday Alan, up the Addicks.
  • Happy Birthday Alan!! 

  • Happy Birthday Alan.....hope you have a great day re-living those Charlton moments!
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