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Peter Whittingham (in intensive care)

A few rumours flying around but nothing was confirmed so I hadn't posted it, but Michael Chopra seems to have confirmed it.

35 years old is no age if true, apparently he had a fall at home and died in intensive care 

R.I.P Peter 


  • God that’s awful. Thought he was a striker that I would have liked to see play for us. RIP
  • WTF... Tragic if its true
  • He fell down the stairs about 10 days and fell into a coma. Gutted ! 
  • seen him on the TV this season, playing well .. terrible thing to happen 

    R I P 
  • My god that's awful! Was a great player! RIP 
  • R.I.P 
    Thoughts to his close friends and family 
    Was a very underrated player in my eyes 
  • Absolutely shocking news

    R I P Peter
  • RIP to a decent player and far too young 
  • Very sad. 
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  • RIP. Was a very good player and hugely underrated. 
  • RIP

    What a shock. 
  • Horrible news, more horrible news. Very decent player 

    Rest in peace 
  • That's a shocker, RIP.
  • seen him on the TV this season, playing well .. terrible thing to happen 

    R I P 

    He hadn't had a club since August 2018.
  • Has it been confirmed though? I know he was in intensive care. Fingers crossed it's not true.
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    If this is true then my word, that is tragic. He had an absolute wand of a left peg.

    EDIT: Glad to hear he's alive and I hope there's a speedy recovery.
  • Played for Cardiff in the famous 5-4 game.  

    RIP Peter
  • RIP Peter
  • RIP. Was a very good player and hugely underrated. 
    2009/10 season; 25-goals overall for Cardiff... Finished the season as top scorer in the Division, as a Midfielder!!

    Got a further 10-assists that season, crazy stats
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    Get well soon
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    This hasn’t been confirmed anywhere? Poor to start a thread based on a rumour imo
    Again as I said I wasnt starting it on a rumour and I do apologise if it is wrong, I was waiting for something more solid tha  a rumour and thought Michael Chopra, Cardiff Fan TV and a respected Journalist releasing a story (link to story is below) all was enough confirmation to start this thread, however I do think its strange that nothing official has  been said for any news outlets yet.

    But to say Its poor starting a thread on a rumour when I cleary said I wasnt starting it in a rumour I waited until I saw what Chopra had written which seemed to confirm it. 

    But I hope it is wrong and I Hope this thread can be deleted when its announced he has recovered and is fine
  • Very sad
  • I’m 48, I’ve probably been a season ticket holder more times at Cardiff than Charlton. ( my son is 15 and is charlton through and through ). Whittingham was as good a player as I have ever seen. He had no pace but he had everything else. When he joined Cardiff he met a local girl, fell in love and the rest is history. She told him that she would never leave South Wales and he decided then that family was more important than football. Amazing guy and a sad end. Locally he is known as the best player to have played for the club in 40 years. To think there will be no one at his funeral is heartbreaking. RIP 
    Why would there be no one at his funeral?
  • Because it’s classed as a gathering 
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