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The Boys of Summer 2020

Well, spring training is here and the 2020 season is warming up...
Some interesting moves the winter, not to mention the sign stealing controversy involving two of the last three World Series winners!
So who’s your money on? My predictions follow. Please feel free to completely disagree.  :)

AL East.
Can’t see beyond the Yanks here, although I don’t think it will be the cakewalk predicted by some. Redsox will surely have a transitional year after losing Betts, Price, Porcello and, maybe most importantly, Cora. There may be a bad smell following the Redsox around for a while after the sign stealing scandal too, so it’s probably best they have a rebuild year.
Rays could be a player this year. Less convinced by the Jays. Orioles look like another year of shite.
My prediction:
1 Yanks
2 Rays
3 Blue Jays
4 Redsox
5 Orioles

AL Central.
Three horse race here, but Twins should win it. The Indians and the improving White Sox may push them close, but I think they’ll have to settle for respectability. The Royals need a miracle to compete, while the Tigers might as well stay in bed.
My prediction:
1 Twins
2 Indians
3 White Sox
4 Royals
5 Tigers

AL West.
Like the Redsox, the Astros are tainted at the moment, but the difference is that they’ve still got a good team of players. However, I think their off field issues may just open the division up a little. I still fancy them to be there or thereabouts, but I’m going to go bold and say they won’t win the division. My money is on the A’s to pip them, with the Angels and Rangers trailing behind. The Mariners may well be the whipping boys, unless they’ve found some magic in their off season trades.
My prediction:
1 A’s
2 Astros
3 Angels
4 Rangers
5 Mariners

NL East.
Looks like the Braves will win this again, even though the Nats are the reigning World Series Champs. I’d expect the Nats, Mets and Phillies to all be competitive though, so could be interesting. The Marlins will probably improve on last year, but they’ll still be toilet.
My prediction:
1 Braves
2 Nats
3 Mets
4 Phillies
5 Marlins

NL Central.
Expect this one to be close again. There have been some close finishes in the NL Central in recent years and I reckon we could be in for another one. Many are getting excited by the Reds after their busy offseason, but I think the Cards will win this one. Don’t rule out the Brewers either and the Cubs will almost certainly have a say, though I fear it might be another step back for them before they step forward. The Pirates look like they might be a mess on the diamond, but like charlton, they’ve at least got their house in order behind the scenes and look to be looking more long term.
My prediction:
1 Cards
2 Reds
3 Brewers
4 Cubs
5 Pirates

NL West.
Like the AL East, this one should be a foregone conclusion. The Dodgers were already looking strong, but acquiring Betts and Price should secure their season. The Padres continue to improve year on year and have shown signs of breaking out, but I think their time is still a year or two away, but they could be in with a shout of the wildcard. The Dbacks could also be involved in the wildcard race, but don’t expect too much from the Rockies or Giants who don’t really look that interested in turning up.
My prediction:
1 Dodgers
2 Padres
3 Diamondbacks
4 Rockies
5 Giants

Postseason AL:
Wildcards: Astros beat Indians

Yanks beat Astros
Twins beat A’s

Yanks beat Twins

Postseason NL:
Wildcards: Reds beat Padres

Dodgers beat Reds
Braves beat Cards

Dodgers beat Braves

Yanks beat Dodgers

Full disclosure - this final prediction is my head ruling my heart.
Please please please, Anyone but the Yanks.
Unfortunately, I think they’ll do it this year.  :(


  • You have far too much time on your hands. 
  • Ok, I’ll try again!

    Shortened season coming up starting Thursday.
    Im not changing my predictions because I can’t be arsed. 😎

    Who’s your money on and who will you be cheering on?
  • edited July 20
    Their first year without Boch and despite their overall mediocrity I’ll be rooting for the Giants again!
  • Cards off to a winning start.

    The 60 game season mainly against other divisional sides might suit them but with a 16 team play-off anything other than reaching the post season will be a disaster.
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