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Most graceful player you've seen play

Thierry Henry - seemed to glide across the pitch. Superb balance and great movement.


  • Bergkamp what a player he was 
  • Zidane

    not pact but unbelievably graceful
  • CAFCDAZ said:
    Bergkamp what a player he was 
    Not when Eddie Youds gets him.
  • Jensen for us.
  • First time, I saw David Ginola at the Valley he stood out for me.
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  • Bryan Ruiz was a very graceful player 
    Berbatov likewise 
  • Berbatov likewise 
    One of the most unflustered players i've ever seen.
  • Zola from Chelsea. Saw him get kicked by one our players during a game. Instead of rolling around like Italians do, he got up, turned round, smiled and shook the charlton player's hand, even thought it was a foul on purpose to stop him from taking the ball forward. Such a respect nice guy/player. 
  • Hansen was a graceful defender.
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    Sir_Clive said:
    First time, I saw David Ginola at the Valley he stood out for me.
    Was you dressed in sexy lingerie?
  • phil chapple
  • Trevor Brooking
    Gianfranco Zola
    Dennis Bergkamp
    Bobby Moore

    All had lots of class and so much time on the ball.

    Claus Jensen for Charlton .

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  • Richard Tydeman
  • Solidgone said:
    Richard Tydeman
    Dick wasn't  so much graceful as semi conscious. 
  • Eddie Firmani
  • For a centre half, Alan Macdonald when on loan from QPR in the 80s.
  • Chizz said:
    One of the few regrets I have in life is that there are too few people to have witnessed the exquisite elegance of Colin Powell playing on the wing for Charlton.  

    From 1973 to 1981, Colin Powell bestrode The Valley, dancing across the greensward as a beautiful hero.  A cross between Perseus and Rudolf Nureyev. 

    There is a subtle irony that Paddy later became the Head Groundsman at The Valley, spending a dozen years tending a pitch he had hardly seemed to touch during his playing days, such was his lightness of foot.  

    If you never had the chance to stand and watch Colin Powell playing for Charlton, you have my sympathy.  Because this this flaxen-haired Adonis - who was so careful of his appearance, he was the only Charlton player at the time always to change into a freshly-laundered shirt at half-time - was an utter delight to watch, in action.  And know this: his skill, speed, dexterity and all-round attacking commitment would have been an addition to any Charlton team before his time and since.  Yes, even Lee Bowyer's current heroes would be improved by Colin Powell's presence in the current team.  And he's 71. 
    I wouldn’t describe Colin as particularly graceful but certainly a very tricky customer and a very fine player with fantastic crossing abilities, much appreciated by a number of strikers over the years, most notably Killer.
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    You all knew I was going to say this but Stuart Leary (my all time favourite player), was certainly graceful.
    A very fine defender who left us to join Chelsea in the 60’s was Marvin Hinton......never looked rushed but had superb positional sense and his tackles were wonderfully timed.....he had shades of Bobby Moore about him and for a central defender he certainly had an unhurried gracefulness. 
  • Phillipe Albert
  • Graceful?  hmmm let me see.

    Spurs...(in no particular order)


    Elsewhere...(in no particular order)


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