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Great film on Roland and the protests

Courtesy of Copa90 and a talented Addick who put it together:


  • Just seen in, it's a good one.
  • Excellent ! 

    A must see for all Addicks.
  • Yes, a very good watch.
  • Good little video that.
  • Excellent - well researched and some good interviews in there. Essential viewing for the new owners!
  • Good film
  • Well done, a good roundup of events. 
  • Really enjoyed that. Well done.
  • Well stitched together. Let's hope we never have to go through anything like this ever again.
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  • Brilliant, well done 
  • Thats some legacy "The man that f***ed up a football club"
    Had he been allowed to ;)
  • Good summary. As said above, let's hope we never have to fight for our club again.
  • That’s really good.

    Nuts to think of everything that’s happened over the past few years, thank Christ he’s finally gone
  • Sounds like Tom Brandhorst to me
  • Sounds like Tom Brandhorst to me
    It is
  • Excellent vid, well done everyone! 
  • Can we have a copy for the Museum please
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  • Good video that.
  • <3 That was very moving - the talent of our supporters never ceases to amaze me.

    Well done.

  • Was an honour to be in the video, and something that I hope to show to my kids in 15-20 years when we're the biggest team in the world! 

    To all those behind creating the video itself, you've done Charlton proud, and documented an era of our history incredibly well!
  • Excellent video. He really messed with the wrong fans!!
  • What a great video.

    was like a Lifers Who’s Who. I must have spotted 30+.

    Did Whoever put it together post on here? Take a bow if so.

    still can’t get my head around watching YouTube on my telly!
  • Superb video, well done to all those who put it together. That has topped off a good CAFC day.
  • Thought it could of had more if the Burnley riot and the sofa etc.
  • Thought Roland and The Protests were a band ..
  • Great video, we've got some right handsome supporters.
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Roland Out!