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*** Protest Fund now closed - Distribution of residual balance ***

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From @Davo55 and @Curb_It

Now that the sale of Charlton has been officially approved we are delighted to confirm that the Protest Fund is now closed.

Distribution of residual balance

The fund has a final residual balance of £4,191. As tempting as it might be to announce a giant party, or to indulge ourselves with “victory” banners and the like, we prefer the idea of the money going towards causes that support the strengthening of the relationship between the fans, the club and the community. In this way, to use protest funding to help in the healing process after the recent years of alienation. Therefore, as previously indicated, we have decided to give half to charitable causes and half to fan led initiatives to promote fan engagement.  


This is a potentially tricky choice because so many fans will have their own favourite charities. It is tempting to give to a large number of causes but we are keen that the amounts we donate should be meaningful. We have therefore decided to choose three charities which have a particular connection to or relationship with Charlton.

1. The Upbeats £750

All Charlton fans must surely take great pride and pleasure in the exploits of The Upbeats. Their smiles have lit up some very dark days in the recent history of our club. Long may they flourish.

2. Demelza House £750

Demelza help children and young people who have a terminal condition to receive the care and attention they need to live the most fulfilling life they can. They have a children’s hospice in Eltham.

3. Charlton Park Riding for the Disabled Association £500

This local charity is run entirely by a dedicated team of hard working volunteers. They  provide facilities to enable disabled children to enjoy horse riding to help them reach their true life potential.

Fan Led Initiatives

One of the saddest aspects of our recent history has been the fracturing of the strong bond between the club and its fans. We feel it is now appropriate to use the money collected by fans, from fans, in a positive way to promote fan engagement.

1. Charlton Athletic Museum £800

This is a brilliant initiative, conceived and run by volunteers, to preserve and display the heritage of our great club for the local community and supporters. In celebrating the past, we look to the future.

2. Charlton Athletic Supporters Trust £800

CAST is the democratic and representative voice of supporters and aims to achieve a healthy, balanced and constructive relationship between the club and its fans. This donation is to be held “ring-fenced” within the CAST accounts and used as they see fit in helping to rebuild the active fan base and their relationship with the club.

3. Pierre Bolangi Memorial Garden £591

This particular cause is unfortunately shrouded in uncertainty. Much depends on the willingness of the club to allow it to be re-established at Sparrows Lane, and on the willingness of fans to take on the re-planting and maintenance done for so many years by Jean Huelin (our own @FannyFanackapan and her husband. However, we are donating £591 towards the cost of this and we are indebted to CAST who have kindly agreed to hold this amount separately ring-fenced, for future use. In the event that the garden is not eventually re-established, this sum will be split equally between the Museum and the Trust.

A final thank you to everyone who donated money, time and effort for the protest fund. We hope that everyone agrees this is a fitting way to use the residual balance.

Davo55 and Curb_It


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