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Rate My Plate 2019 - Exhibit I - Kitt Brooke

Marks our of 10 and any comment you feel necessary!

Rate My Plate 2019 - Exhibit I - Kitt Brooke 99 votes

4% 4 votes
1% 1 vote
4% 4 votes
6% 6 votes
20% 20 votes
18% 18 votes
29% 29 votes
11% 11 votes
2% 2 votes
4% 4 votes


  • Throw the Yorkshires away and there'd be room on the plate for the parsnips (which look spot on).
  • "fuck the family" mutters the chef under their breath as they open another tin of processed vegetables 
  • Proper gravy that, the kind that congeals on the plate and if you leave it long enough, grows legs and walks off
  • 8 from me.

    I dont eat veg, but those carrots straight out of a microwave bag.
  • A gravy boat next time please?  - 50p from a charity shop. 
  • Gravy looks thicker than Joey Essex on Mastermind 
  • Looks tasty. Let down a fraction by that shocking table-cloth and the plastic gravy bucket.
  • Veg let’s this down. 
  • An 8 for me. Spuds look spot on. Gravy a little on the thick side but better thick than thin imo.
  • Gravy served in Tupperware measuring jug? Didnt know Jim Royal posted on here
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  • Christ! That gravy.

    Did you pour it or carve it!
  • Bet that table cloth gets on your tits for 51 weeks a year. Plastic jug indicates to me it’s a permanent fixture in this household
  • edited December 2019
    Christ! That gravy.

    Did you pour it or carve it!
    1 lump or 2?
  • Everything looks perfectly cooked. Thick gravy is my favourite. 

    Plastic jug as used in the week to rinse out your hair in the bath, and a gravy boat on the table. Proper use of a jug that.

  • Freezer did a lot of work here. 

    That said, it's OK. 
  • There's a lot of good in this. Veg and plastic jug are the only let downs, and if you look around the edge of the plate it looks like its caught the crockery equivalent of chicken pox.
  • It’s edible and it’s got that sense of over cooked veg for those that don’t like to eat them 51 weeks a yr 

    but it’s a Christmas dinner it’s all there and you get a bonus point for the woolworths 1980 table cloth that was bought in the jan sales for 10p
  • would prefer to see more fresh ingredients and less straight from Iceland. however I wouldn't be unhappy to be served this one
  • Not bad . At least this one has plenty of gravy 
  • Look like this would taste good but the gravy looks like it has been squeezed out of a bottle
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  • Two fecking Yorkshires.  Oi, Kitt Brooke, No!

    Looks a mess.
  • One was too many Yorkshire puds
  • Kitt Brooke with the seasonal table cloth was...


    7/20 - 6.08

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