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Rate My Plate 2019 - Exhibit D - Lee Greene

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Rate My Plate 2019 - Exhibit D - Lee Greene 146 votes

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13% 20 votes
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  • WTF is this ?
    It is meant to be Xmas dinner. 

    The plate obviously a gift from someone who doesn’t like you.  
  • Disgrace. 

    I cooked for 2 vegetarians yesterday and at least did them an exciting puff pastry pie. 

    Looks like someone raided Iceland on Christmas Eve. 

  • Wouldn’t give my dogs that - Vegan muck 
  • A point for the crockery. The "meat" looks like something the dog brought up, ate again, then brought up again
  • edited December 2019
    Green peas? Served on sunflower plates?

    this is a crime against the baby Jesus. 
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  • Look on the bright side, at least you can use the excuse there's no knives and forks there to skip dinner. 
  • Needs an animal or two
  • Thanks for reminding me never to go vegan
  • Vibrant but what on earth is that musg, if it's the Vegan alt then i only need to ask how it tasted.
  • edited December 2019
    A point for the crockery. 
    Awarded or deducted??
    The food clashes with the plate, the plate clashes with the place mat, the place mat clashes with the table cloth. 

    Proof that veganism makes you go blind 
  • Holy hell, that is without doubt the worst attempt at a roast I have ever seen.

    Stick to lettuce leaves next time
  • The plate is the biggest problem here 
  • edited December 2019
    Yes. The plate.
    Would be more akin to some jerk chicken and some lime and coriander rice!

    If I may ask, what wine did you serve with this?

  • Not for me. If it was art, it would be minimalistic 
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  • I don't understand. 

    And why is it being eaten on a car seat whilst sitting it the footwell? 
  • I needed to wear sunglasses in order to score that mess
  • Looks like a kid’s portion..
  • Again.....too much veg & stuff & hardly any meat. I appreciate that its probably under all the other stuff .....but it's a xmas dinner so at least show a bit of Turkey  !!
  • I'm genuinely sorry to bring the posting back to violent bowel movements but that's all I can think of here, that glorious calypso of a plate that screams 1978 does a hardy turn at pulling my eyes away from the act of vandalism taken place upon it however ultimately fails. 

    I genuinely feel for whoever that was intended for, the cook does not like you
  • Not bad for a starter
  • Only one place for that -The Bin
  • edited December 2019
    MrOneLung said:
    WTF is this ?
    It is meant to be Xmas dinner. 

    The plate obviously a gift from someone who doesn’t like you.  
    The more I look at this the more uncomfortable I become. 

    This would cause an outcry at the silent retreat sillavNitram is attending 
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