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Bucket List

Just watching the League Of Their Own Xmas special and they do the skeleton bobsleigh and I would absolutely love to do it.

So what’s on your bucket list?


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    Chile, Argentina, Botswana, China, India, Trans Siberian, St Petersberg, Moscow, Canoeing in Greenland with the Icebergs, canoeing amongst the uninhabited islands of Sweden, Iceland, Bolivia, whale shark diving.
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    a bungee jump, a skydive, Australia trip (again), drive the Amalfi Coast, The Rockies ...
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    edited December 2019
    Inca trail 
    Old Firm
    World Cup
    Masters at Augusta
    Shark cage diving
    Dog sledding in Greenland and also northern lights

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    Northern Lights
    Attend World Cup Finals (not Qatar)
    Travel round small islands of The Philippines
    Rio de Janeiro
    Write a novel
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    Northern Lights
    South America
    Gobi desert 
    Sky diving

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    Northern lights
    Drive the West Coast of US in a convertible Mustang
    Italian GP in Monza in the middle of the Tifosi
    South Pacific Islands
    World Cup final
    All the "big 4" sports in America, preferably big games (went to Red Sox Yankees at London Stadium, I'm counting that as ticked off) 
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    One with a hole in
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    Alaska marine highway
    ferry from Seattle to Juneau.
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    I just want the takeover to be completed in time for the January window
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    A good few weeks to take time to tour the US and Canada. Then the same for Europe.
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    Flying in a 2 seater Spitfire
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    Get through to next Christmas.
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    Fly in a classic warbird
    Northern Lights
    Base tour of Nellis at Red Flag time
    Tour New Zealand
    Pacific coast highway
    Mach Loop
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    Northern lights
    world cruise
    New Zealand (will cheat and tick off on the w
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    Play golf on every continent (2 left) 
    Watch football on every continent (2 left) 
    Spectate at a US Open golf
    See Charlton in Europe 
    Keep my country count above my age 
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    Learn to do a proper wolf whistle with fingers.
    Write and record a song that I'd be proud to share.
    Learn to juggle with four balls.
    See the northern lights.
    Make a sundial.
    Map my own area using primitive techniques (a bit weird I know).
    Make a photograph on a leaf using photosynthesis (not getting any less weird).
    Appear on a tv quiz (a proper one, not the likes of Tipping Point)
    Have a bee beard (this is #1 on my list if anyone knows how/where I could do it).
    Do the 92.
    Outstay Duchatelet.
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    Get my piles sorted out
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    Travel across America 
    Learn the guitar 
    London Marathon 
    See Oasis live 
    Perform a stand up comedy set (will never happen as haven't got the minerals)
    Write professionally 
    Have my own gym 
    W@nk less
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    edited December 2019
    Get on to the Tom Cruise cake list.
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    Not so much a bucket list but a 2020 target list:

    Buy a bigger boat
    Take 3 months off in the summer for euro 2020 and sitting in a boat not fishing
    Get my RYA powerboat level 2 certificate
    Have a week in Budapest with mates
    A week in North Wales with the dog, and another in the lakes
    A sunny do-nothing med holiday
    Spend some time in the French Alps with an old mate who lives there part time
    A bit of walking in the Pyrenees

    If I manage that lot it will have been a decent year.
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    Be be able to raise a single eyebrow 
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    A bucket
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    a skydive and luckily that’ll now be ticked off in 2020
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    Spitfire flight over the white cliffs
    Visit Monkey Mia
    Northern Lights
    Persuade @bobmunro boss to buy a Concorde and fly me in it to watch Charlton v Madrid in the 2023 European cup final.
    Drive a F1 car around Silverstone (to be fair, any track will do).
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    Get my piles sorted out
    We’ll look into it
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    edited December 2019
    Spitfire flight
    Would love to learn to fly
    Return to New Zealand
    African Safari
    Road trip across America
    Want to complete the '92
    Northern Lights
    Become an Author

    Those I feel I've completed
    - Been to New Zealand
    - Got married and had children
    - Own a property
    - Seen Charlton win at both Wembley's
    - Ran the London Marathon
    - Skydive
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