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What are your hopes for the next 5 years?

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With the new owners (nearly!) in place where do you want the club to be in 5 years, and how will it get there? 

Personally I would want us to get back to where we were circa 2001-2006, a solid Prem club with a foundation laid to potentially threaten a top 8 finish or even a League/FA cup win in the near future after that. A rebuilt south stand with the corners filled in would be lovely too!


  • Mid table championship with us flirting with the playoffs
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    playing in the first FA cup final played outside the uk, in Abu Dhabi, against man city

  • Mid- table Championship.  F*** the Premier League and F*** VAR.
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  • mrbligh said:
    Barca away champions league semis 
    With Taylor back from injury (hopefully) wouldn't want to face them with just the one (Bonne) up front. ;)
  • Hopes for the next five years?

    Retirement, lower my golf handicap, and do a lot more travelling - maybe buy a place in the sun.
  • Solid Premier league team by the end of the 5th year
  • bobmunro said:
    Hopes for the next five years?

    Retirement, lower my golf handicap, and do a lot more travelling - maybe buy a place in the sun.
    That sounds like the 5 year plan for Lewis Page!
  • Quite happy in championship.plenty of good teams,would love to see 20000 every week,also essential to keep bringing along the young players.
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  • I found the Prem slightly nauseating by the time we went down in 2007. It was about the same time that the FA decided that Thaksin Shinawatra was “fit and proper”.

    While it would be good to be playing the top sides again, we need to be competitive (there’s no fun getting tonked every week). So 5 years stabilising and winning a trophy would suit me. Hopefully by 2025 they’ll have sorted out VAR!
  • I’d take becoming competitive / strong  in the championship but I want trophies and a total transformation into a hugely successful club 
  • Champions league.
    Champagne parties in the car park.
    15 year waiting list for season tickets.
    Stand all the way to the Thames.
    New sofa.

  • Trouble is, it's not so much what we want. However much the Premiership is disliked and being competitive in the Championship would be preferred, it's what the owners want that will determine where we end up. 2shits would rather have us in League 1 with added dancing than funding staying where we are now or aiming higher, having paid what they have paid I'm very hopeful they are aiming higher. All subject to the pen pushers at the efl .......
  • Part of the breakaway European Premier League with Barcelona, Real Madrid, AC Milan, PSG and Bayern. 
  • Life is life.

    Charlton will always be Charlton.

    Whether you like the premier League or not, you've always got to aim as high as you can. It's what keeps us going and what motivates us.

    Yeh ok, there are some strange things about the premier League....but Charlton will always be Charlton.

    Just because if or when we might be next to other multi multi millionaire doesn't take anything away from us. Long as we are managed well and ok then everything is fine. Just have to go with the flow.

    We're a special club.

    I just hope we are managed well and we give it our best.

    Then just take it from there and see where it goes.
  • Happiness amongst the fans
  • I hope to hear Opera singers singing 'Lasagna' at some point!
  • A shorter injury list 
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