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Energy Supplier

Want to change my Energy Supplier, and advice on good ones or bad.


  • I recently switched to So. All good so far.
  • Just go for whatever comes up cheapest for your use. Not like you get different quality electricity
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    I'm with Bulb, I like them. No fuss, app on the phone and their website are both great. It's simple to move your DD date. British Gas in comparison were awful. If you decide to sign up use this link and we both get a £50 credit:
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    Which magazine rate Octopus at number one. Of the others I have heard of, Ovo is at 6, Utility Warehouse at 7 and Bulb at 8. Meanwhile, EDF is the highest big company at number 23.

  • MrOneLung said:
    Just go for whatever comes up cheapest for your use. Not like you get different quality electricity
    True but level of customer service can make a difference. Used to be with Utility Point and trying to speak to someone was a nightmare. 
  • Avoid British Gas
  • Switched dual fuel from British Gas to SSE about a month ago.  Will be saving hundreds over the year.
  • I use Bulb, perfectly happy with them, and it's mostly green energy I believe
  • I’m with Octopus. Green energy and a useful app. If you’re in credit gives you the ability to change your monthly direct debit as and when.
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  • Igloo energy have been highly recommended by Martin Lewis' moneysavingexpert and it's a cheap variable tariff so if you join you can get the £50 bonus and then can switch to another provider to get another joining bonus soon after. 

    Here's my link which would get us both £50
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    Just had the latest update email from MSE- recommending Igloo on a special exclusive tarriff. I switched on a previous MSE exclusive deal which almost halved my bills. This Igloo deal is for the first 11,500 customers to go with it. Well worth checking out, (doubt you will be able to combine with @CAFC, We hate Palace  discount but may be worth checking quotes via MSE and the above link from CAFCwehatepalace separately to see which comes out cheaper).

    Incidentally i find it best to use actual usage figures (Kwh, Kwh or m3 for gas) when comparing rather than £spent or estimates. These figures will be on your latest bill from your current provider.  

    "Winter’s coming, so we've negotiated a red-hot exclusive deal. It's the cheapest on the market on average and is from Igloo, a medium-sized firm with excellent service. As it looks like you’re on a variable tariff or in the last 49 days of a fix, you can switch penalty-free - so check how much you can save now"
  • I'm with Bulb - no problems and green energy.
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