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Sterling to miss Montenegro match

Wondered if anything was going to happen after Sundays game.

During Liverpool v City Sterling squared up to 2 fellow England players, Gomez and TAA

Anyway after a disturbance in a private team area Sterling has now been dropped for the game v Montenegro



    We can confirm Raheem Sterling will not be considered for England's EURO 2020 qualifier against Montenegro as a result of a disturbance in a private team area at St. George’s Park today. He will remain with the squad. 

    Gareth Southgate said: “We have taken the decision to not consider Raheem for the match against Montenegro on Thursday.

    “One of the great challenges and strengths for us is that we’ve been able to separate club rivalries from the national team. Unfortunately the emotions of yesterday’s game were still raw.

    “My feeling is that the right thing for the team is the action we have taken. Now that the decision has been made with the agreement of the entire squad, it’s important that we support the players and focus on Thursday night.”

  • Hmmmmm.........
  • Upon doing further looking into this it doesnt appear to be TAA he had the issue with(TAA had pushed him into the advertising board which caused an issue during the game) but it seems the confrontation  at St Georges was with Joe Gomez.

    Sterling was heard going up to him and asking him if he is still the big man(as I said in the OP they squared up to each other on Sunday)
  • It was Gomez he scrapped with.  No mucking about from Southgate in response.  
  • It would have come out, no chance of keeping it under wraps. 
  • I'm sure how anyone can agree or disagree without knowing the full facts。
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    I did smile when Sterling and Gomez went face to face what with them both representing England this week

    I naturally hoped they'd meet up, laugh and forget it - After all it was Sterling who instigated the whole incident between the two of them on Sunday... If Raheem has wanted to continue the argument then its the right call from Southgate

    Certainly continues to show that Southgate dont really care about names

    Although Sterling's statement on the BBC is fair enough
  • Big and correct call from Southgate to drop our most effective player. Had it been Gomez, who can hardly get a kick at Liverpool, not many would have noticed. 

    That is probably one of the few advantages that an international manager has - if a player of Sterling's calibre was dropped by his club he would be off as quickly as you could say "transfer window".

    At least Sterling had the grace to apologise.
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  • Is the Daily Mail reporting it so could be bullshit

    They're claiming Gomez offered to shake Sterling's hand and got grabbed by the throat
  • Go Joe, Go Joe.
  • Is the Daily Mail reporting it so could be bullshit

    They're claiming Gomez offered to shake Sterling's hand and got grabbed by the throat
    Woz he standing on a stepladder at the time? 😉
  • I think this is an extremely poor response from Southgate. There are altications like this in training on a regular basis and they soon calm down and are forgotten. It is part of the passion of the game and Southgate has set a president now.  
  • Shame, I was looking forward to seeing him play on Thursday. Right decision although I wonder if the same decision would have been made if we were playing a higher profile team and needed a win to qualify.
  • Guess he'll go with Rashford | Kane | Sancho up top now

    Hudson-Odoi the only other obvious choice
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  • There was nothing for Southgate to get hold of. There was a big contentious match and this was afters and sometimes it is good to get it out of your system.
  • Yeah... Do it away from England duty though

    As said already; club rivalries between players have hindered the National Team for years - If Southgate let that incident go then what happens when the next happens, and the next - You suddenly see the players going back to the setup we hear of old; Liverpool players sitting today, Man City players sitting together etc. and all that work done by Southgate to break down those walls has been for nothing

    All you hope is the

    (1) It sets a fair precedent where it doesnt matter what game it is or who the player it is = same punishment

    (2) The media dont start trying to find reasons why others arent receiving the same treatment, fair enough it comes out in the media AFTER the incident has happened like today but not where they try to create stories that havent happened
  • So he has a private word and leaves it there. Dealt with.
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    So he has a private word and leaves it there. Dealt with.
    He may well have done initially but if Sterling wouldn't let it drop Sothgate had no option but to stamp on it and go public. Eventually Sterling has calmed down and apologised. Correct decision by Southgate and hopefully alls well that ends well.
  • So he has a private word and leaves it there. Dealt with.
    Define private. All the players and coaches as a minimum would know, then add in wives friends etc.

    The problem with a private word is that all the other players would assume he had done nothing. Unacceptable behaviour needs to be challenged, not swept under the carpet. Southgate has bought it out into the open, explained to all the players what his rules and consequences are and moved on.

    Think about what would have happened if he had done nothing, or had a private word and appeared to have done nothing. There is a very big chance that the media hanging out with players would pick it up or someone would put it out on social media and then the questions begin and it drags on and he looks weak and ineffective. Players would have been sought out for their views, sides would have been taken.

    Southgate has gone up in my estimation. Perfectly handled.
  • Sorry, behind with the times.......

    TAA...??  What the fuck is that...?
  • Sorry, behind with the times.......

    TAA...??  What the fuck is that...?
    Trent Alexander Arnold
  • Same with "private team area".....?

    I know I've come down with a heavy cold (probably standing around in the rain sat afternoon)& not feeling chipper but it seems I've landed on another planet this morning. 
  • Southgate had no choice here. Sterling has lost his temper and made a bit of a tit of himself. That story is getting out regardless. If Southgate does nothing or has a private chat then the narrative the papers go with is that star players - particularly Sterling who they love digging out - get special treatment, can get into fights with other teammates without repercussions and runs the show. The old 'undisciplined England' story starts up again and is used against the team every time they don't win. Instead Southgate has got ahead of the narrative, publicly explained what happened and why, and Sterling has also publicly held his hands up and admitted he was stupid. Perfect. There's discipline, there's public assurance that there's no festering fights within the camp and it's over. It's lucky that it was Sterling though. As much as he's been stupid here he's quite a mature young man and he seems to have dealt with the punishment well. Can you imagine a manager standing down Ronaldo or Ibrahimovic over something like this? The manager would be out within the year.
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