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Broadband advice

So after 10 years with TalkTalk it looks like I am finally leaving them, my contract is over in December just done a live chat to see what they can offer.

I am currently paying £39.95 a month

£17.95 for Broadband
£4 for talktalk tv
£18 for Skysports(thats only because it was on offer for 6 months normaly get rid after the 6 months)

Anyway on the livechat the best they could offer was

£25 for Broadband
£4 for talktalk tv
£18 for skysports for 6 months

Not really keen on taking out a new contract with the same provider and paying more, so any recomendations for good value, virgin are not availble in my area so thats out already


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    I tether data from my phone to my laptop, sometimes connected by HDMI to my tv, and pay £16 a month, covering all my needs (football included) and with calls & texts. (Granted that is a cheap lifestyle choice for the single guy, so probably not what you are looking for!) 
  • Use a comparison site to see what the best option is. Then use Topcashback or Quidco to sign up so you get some cashback. 
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