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Prostate Cancer

As some of you may remember I mentioned on here that I have been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Nothing to report as far as my treatment(Hospital appointment in November) and in myself I feel ok, slight back pain,which can
 be a symptom,but thats all. Just picked next weeks Radio Times only to see an article by Bill Turnbull, who has Prostate Cancer,relatating to a programme on Channel 4 Thursday. After reading the article makes one more scared than before.
 What is the progress of you good people with the same disease?. Hope you do not mind my intrusion,but some times help with news, good or even not so good.


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    Hi Derek, I’m sorry to hear of your news,  there are many other people on here better qualified to pass on tips , advice and experience than me.

    I wish you all the best, stay strong.
  • My father in law was diagnosed with it last year. Had from what I understand a fairly routine operation to remove it and was given the all clear about two months back.

    The hostpitals these days are very good at processing people with this type of cancer.
    Especially as it was originally missed by his GP.

    Good luck with your treatment.

  • Not here to offer any help sadly mate, but wanted to wish you all the best and hope the treatment works for you.
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    Had prostate cancer five years ago and have posted on this site my experiences, on other similar threads. If you care to pm me with your questions, concerns, I will be happy to respond. But be aware, I am 
    not a doctor but can share what I was told in relation to my cancer issues and what I felt and experienced. Best of luck.
  • Hi Derek.  My father was diagnosed a couple of months ago.  He is 82 and had some heart issues in 2018 so to him rather stoically he takes this latest issue in his stride outwardly.  Inwardly i know he is in panic mode.  He has yet to meet the Head Honcho down from Guys but from what he has told me, he does not want intrusive treatment or the ball ache (pardon the pun) of many hospital visits.  My fears are, that he will just think "sod it" and give up.  At the moment he is uncomfortable and has problems with his water works. I have been supportive along with my brothers.  One thing i did do was contact Prostrate UK and get him information.  This they have done in spades and he has greatly appreciated speaking to their volunteers.  I have friends and aquaintences with all versions of my story. It seems to be a disease that if spotted early, operated on or medicated or both, has a pretty good outlook for hanging around.

    Good luck anyone on here who is touched by this.  I have lost my best mate and a much loved aunt to cancer in the last two years. I am thoroughly sick of this inciduous disease.
  • Rod Stewart announced very recently that he has just been given the all clear.
    All the best Derek.
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    Got what I thought was the all clear on this after several months of investigation when the psa suddenly raised to 7.3, then 7.5. after several lifestyle changes in food, and drink, especially coffee, less beer etc, it went down to 2.5, and 2.3.  So, told to keep an eye on it, and have a psa check every  6 months, went to the GP\Health centre, and what a fuss..... over what is a blood test!...... they claimed not to have the letter from the consultant, which I had to go home, get my copy........ and persuade them to allow me make an appointment for a  simple blood test?. No follow up by, the health centre, and after a tense appointment with my GP ( who I had never met before) she took me off a mild medication, and despite me suggesting another PSA test in 4-6 months, she seemed reluctant, either to refer me back to the consultant, or make any practical suggestions. Now I know PSA tests are not a gold standard test, but it is what we have.
    One test is not proof of anything, but obviously my PSA needs to be monitored, and there is a wide range of treatments available to consider, and discuss with an appropriate specialist. ( which the letter from the consultant did specify to the GP, if it did rise, which it has now done to :5) My concern is that a less informed, or more reluctant patient would not bother when I have been advised by the specialist that I am in the 'risk  category' and need to monitor this, so don't be flobbed off, by GP's and get yourself tested, and monitor your situation. Good luck Derek, I hope my personal experience is an exception, in an otherwise good NHS.
  • Went to the surgery 3 weeks ago with my missus, while waiting I asked the receptionist for a appointment with the nurse for a blood test and was asked. Do I think it was necessary, when I replied yes. She told me I would need to see the DR as I'm not qualified make that decision! The long and the short of it was, I went into the Dr with my wife and at the end registered my complaint about her attitude and he asked my to request it again and he will deal with her. I got recalled yesterday as the results are in :(
    Good Luck Derek.
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  • Are there any obvious symptoms to PC or do you need to be tested?
  • Johnboy. I have not been offerd Chemo,but I do not think I would have it because of the sid effects
  • Johnboy. I have not been offered Chemo, but I do not think I would have it because of the side effects

    I would think the fact you haven't been "offered" Chemo is a positive in fact out of all the blokes I have met through having PC I am probably the only one who has had Chemo a few had surgery some just radiotherapy others bracci therapy. Having  said that Chemo  was a walk in the  park felt 8 out of 10 worse case and only  hair loss was body hair 

  • Are there any obvious symptoms to PC or do you need to be tested?

    Everyone is different I had no symptoms found it by accident pain in the groin and testicle after a run. Turned out to be a hernia but luckily  Doc tested and found PSA high. Amongst symptoms are keep wanting to pee in the night and brewers droop  (ED) But in the same way, sometimes there are no symptoms often the symptoms don't mean it's prostate cancer. Even high PSA is only an indication that further exploration is necessary. If caught early if it is  PC it's  very treatable so if you have any  concerns don't do the usual (male) ostrich get tested     
  • johnboy. I presume you are based in the London area,I would be glad to talk but Iam in Sittingbournr Kent.
  • Are there any obvious symptoms to PC or do you need to be tested?
    Hi @eaststandmike. In my case my peeing pattern changed, in that after peeing b4 I went to bed, I needed to go again within minutes. I went to the GP on other matters and mentioned my peeing and my journey started there.
  • Derek1952 said:
    johnboy. I presume you are based in the London area,I would be glad to talk but Iam in Sittingbournr Kent.
    Derek. I have pmd you my telephone number, should you want to chat.
  • johnboy,sorry but whats pmd, I am not on facebook or twitter.
  • Hi Derek
    I think what @PeterGage meant by "pmd" is that he has private messaged you on this forum.
    Click on your username at the top left of this page.
    Then click on "inbox" in the left column.  This will take you to the messages which have been sent to you, which only you and the sender can see.

    I have no useful personal experience to share, but I do wish you every success with your treatment.
  • Thank you for explanation
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  • and for your best wishes
  • Derek1952 said:
    Had my next visit to Hospital yesterday to see Consultant after blood test for PSA. The good news is that it is below 1 now fromm1200.
    Good news Derek - pleased for you
  • great news congratulations 
  • Nice one mate. Keep up the good work.
  • That does sound encouraging, Derek.  Hope things continue moving in the right direction.
  • When I was first diagnosed I read that Tomatoes can be very good for the treatment of Prostate Cancer. Since reading that I have tried to eat Tomatoes one a day. I don't know if
     my improvement had any thing to do with that, but I like to think so.
  • Great news that things are progressing well for you Derek.

    A work colleague of mine had treatment for prostate cancer a few years ago, including surgery if i remember correctly. He is fine now but I remember him saying he always now kept a supply of tomatoes in his fridge and every day would snack on a few. He had been advised by doctors they helped in both reducing tumour growth in those whom had contracted prostate cancer and also lowered the risk of contracting prostate cancer. That stuck with me, so I often eat tomatoes through the week.
  • Derek1952 said:
    Had my next visit to Hospital yesterday to see Consultant after blood test for PSA. The good news is that it is below 1 now fromm1200.
    Incredible, congratulations.
  • Just to add my next vist to see the consultant is not untill May,which is good.
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