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Michael Owen on his move to Newcastle



  • seems the Geordies were right in chanting 'what a waste of money' .. his heart wasn't in it, but I bet his hand was out for his wages when they were due .. and as cities go, Newcastle is a hundred times better than the toilet called Liverpool
  • He's right about Newcastle fans though, delusions of grandeur.
  • Shearer and him having a bit of a Twitter barney.
  • Weird that Newcastle at that time were able to outbid Liverpool!
  • And now he’s dredging it all up again to make even more money. Classy. 

    He really is a tool that bloke. 
  • I'd think he was a pillock if I was Toon fan but his comment about them being a big club in terms of a big stadium and a lot of fans is spot on. It's a 1 club city. They've done nothing for years. 
  • Utter wanker that man 
  • He's a tosser.

    Let it go Owen. Also get your head out your ass.

    Honesty is good....but only when it's relatively dignified and includes social boundaries of objective understanding.

    Would be like me telling a bar lady of Gravesend that I complimented the tattoos on her arm...because I attempted to start a conversation in order to complete the end game of trying to sleep with her.

    It was a failed attempt and I pretty much walked out straight away.

    You's an embarrassing flaw that Im sure most people have done at least once in their lives. You don't openly admit things like that.

    Listen up, Owen.
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  • I'm far from the biggest fan of Newcastle, but surely there's a level of irony in demoting them as 'bigger than they think they are' etc, just to sell his book! The bloke comes across as a wanker by the way.
  • He has got a book out. Why wouldn’t you think moving to Newcastle was a downward step fro Madrid?

    and he is right in that they are big club only in terms of support and stadium. 

    Not sure what the issue is here. 
  • I’m struggling to find any quotes from the book that doesn’t sound like some one doing a Michael Owen bt sports commentator impression. Then I realised, an editor actually let that stay in.

    hes a shit bloke, stereotypical idiot footballer, good finisher but a one trick pony in that all he had was pace apart from that. 
  • Although he sucks up to Liverpool in that quote, he was never as popular there as say, Robbie Fowler. It was felt for years that he tended to save his best for England games and treated his club career as a revenue stream. Aside from that, still the most grating voice of any commentator, in any sport, living, dead or otherwise.
  • Seems to be talking sense to me. 
  • who would be the target audience for Owen's book?

    Is he an/enough of an England legend that you would all want to buy his book?

    do Liverpool fans hold him in high regard? he won the league cup/fa cup/uefa cup but then went on to win the league with united.

    doubt HE is welcome in newcastle now never mind his book.

    IMO, he's a boring fucker and his book would just be a list of injuries.
  • Liverpool fans hate him for signing for united 
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  • who would be the target audience for Owen's book?

    Scotland fans looking for an insight into competitive football and international football tournaments possibly.
  • I think the Twitter stuff with him and Shearer is a publicity stunt to garner interest in the is the Beeb article.

    Football fans can dish it out with vitriol but we're pretty delicate little flowers when it comes back.

    He's correct in what he says and has a book to sell. 
    That's because words ARE violence and violence equates to abuse  :/
  • Anyone else getting adverts for Newcastle United's "Magpies super draw jackpot" on this thread?! 

    Might enter and buy a copy of Owen's book if I win.
  • A dull boring man who needs some fireworks to add some character to a dull boring book. 

    No taking away from when he was genuinely decent, but Michael Owen was more or less done by 2002. 
  • It's Liverpool v Newcastle right after the international break, perhaps Sky/BT/whoever is showing it could get them both on as pundits........
  • He is a boring, smug twat but if you get carried off on a stretcher and your own fans are singing "what a waste of money" I'd be pretty pissed off with the supporters.
  • Damn, misread the thread title. I thought I was going to opening a Michelle Owen discussion :-(
  • I remember reading him saying he had never watched a film in his life. He also hardly left his hotel room when he played in Madrid. Doesn't seem to have any real personality and always thought he was pretty overrated apart from when he exploded on the scene in World Cup 98.
  • Anyone who doesn't like films as they "don't like being kidded" is an arse, in my opinion.
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