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How Many Points Will We Get In September?

Well after a disappointing, and underwhelming start to life in the championship......

Rewind, after a blooming awesome August that saw off all and sundry, with a mighty 14 points from 6 games ( 2 Home wins, 2 Away wins , 2 draws and zero, yes zero defeats, can’t believe I’m writing this, we now topple into  another month.

Well what’s lies ahead, only 3 matches to play in September due to the international break, a time to rest and recover (players and supporters alike!)

So what will September bring to Charlton's fortunes, and how many points do you think we’ll get?

Usual rules apply, all entries must be in by midnight before the first match , ie midnight Friday 13th of September, no cash prizes, just the glory and smugness of being right, should be easy with only 3 games!

Matches are as follows :

Saturday 14th September - Birmingham City - Home - 3 points

Saturday 21st September - Wigan Athletic  - Away - 1 point

Saturday 28th September - Leeds United - Home - 1 point

Total 5 points



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Roland Out!