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How did you feel after we went 1-0 down?

I still have flashbacks to watching the ball bury itself in the net - genuinely one of the most shocking moments I've seen in sport.

Our support was immense in getting behind the team after the first couple of minutes of shared disbelief. I think it made the day more memorable.

So pleased for Dillon and Naby that we won.


  • Like Id been kicked in the bollocks
  • Time went so slowly when I saw Dillon miss the ball and the roll into the net - I was right behind the goal. 

    Was sitting there in shock for about 10 minutes thinking we’ve blown it on the big stage - but we grew into the game. 

    Unreal feeling when Pat scored, I had so many emotions!

  • Stunned - couldn't believe what I had just seen.
  • Stunned, sick, but I knew we could back into it, we still had 85 plus minutes left and Sunderland hardly score more then one in a game 
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  • Completely missed it. Heard a sudden muffled roar and saw ball and keeper in net + Sunderland players celebrating in an odd way. I could work out what had happened (my imagination of the goal was incredibly accurate!). As it was so early, and due to the nature of the setback, I just saw it as a chance to play with a little more desire and freedom, which is no bad thing.

    Fresh from losing count of the pens vs Doncaster I also recall thinking I really must stop being so casual when witnessing Charlton history.
  • Flash back to the Full Members Cup Final and losing 0-1. It seemed to happen in slow motion. Typical Charlton to give them a headstart. Wondered if we had enough to break them down if they parked the bus. Worrying they were going to get a second and thinking how we’d get back from that. 
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    I remember looking up and seeing Dillion sliding into the net. Couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

    i was speechless for 10/15 minutes 
  • Propa shocked at that goal and just didnt want us to lose to that and hear about from everywhere. I was impressed how Dillon recovered so quickly and didnt seem to be affected. He made a great save not too long after. He even said that at half time he laughed it off in the dressing room. Bodes well for a young keeper.
  • was like slow motion the ball rolling into the net, a fair few choice words came out - for which i make no apology its an emotional sport and it happens. 

    the save he made shortly afterwards evened it out - and luckily for him it didn't cost us dear - Sunderland left there scoring boots at home.
  • Surprisingly calm - I suppose because it was so early in the game. I just knew the footballing Gods would not allow that to be the winning goal.
  • Utterly stunned. Took me until half time to really get over it. Apparently I didn’t speak a word between the og and our equaliser. 
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  • Shocked. To concede like that in our biggest game of the season. At Wembley. Didn’t feel angry, just couldn’t believe what had happened.

    As time went on I thought we must have at least one goal in us. Fortunately we did, really didn’t want to see the own goal win the game for Sunderland.
  • Stunned into silence. Had missed the pass back and looked up to see the ball rolling into the net. 

    For about 10 minutes my thoughts were a mixture of "i hope we don't lose 1-0 to that goal" and "if they score a second here we're fucked".

    Mate next to me was amazingly calm and confident and kept saying we'll be fine, it's better that we've gone 1 down as it'll ensure they keep their concentration. I wasn't as confident.

    Getting back level before half time was absolutely vital though.
  • Seasons gone by I would of been uncontrollably depressed and down. This time round, shocked, but immediately after I had the belief we’d turn it around.
  • Stunned.  Watching Dillon scrambling and thinking - he's not going to get that.  Probably lasted a couple of minutes and then tried to gee up CatJnr, who at one point I thought was ready to walk out, by saying we've got 85 minutes to get this back whilst praying 'please don't let us lose to that goal'
  • I must have been looking elsewhere as I missed Sarr's pass and only saw Phillips running. Sat down with head in hands for 30 seconds, then asked my kids and everyone around what happened, but everyone seemed in shock.

    Sorted out in my head that if we did lose by one goal in the play off final, there was only one person getting the blame, and it wasn't Sarr or Phillips.
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    Happy, as I done Sunderland first half, Charlton to win the game bet. Fookers went and scored the equaliser before halftime.
  • It was a bit of an embuggerance but I wasn't overly concerned at that point.

    For most of the season we'd been a bunch of "part-timers" in that we rarely put in a superb 90-minute performance; it tended to be a wonderful half instead and mostly the second half. On the odd occasion we'd storm into the match, rip it to shreds in the first half, and then sit back in the second. We hadn't started like a house on fire so I guessed we had a comeback due in the second half.

    In a way, the match resembled the game at The Valley in January where they scored in the opening minutes and bossed the opening section but by half-time we'd come back into it and the second half was mostly ours. The only difference was on that occasion we couldn't get a second.

    It was also good that Dillon had a couple of good saves to make soon after to get his confidence back up. Unfortunately BeckenSarr was targeted by their players and they seemed to be struggling with the big unit's gravitational field as they kept being drawn to the ground whenever they got near him and the referee fell for it every time. If Lord Bowyer hadn't made the decision to bring on Pearce I think Naby would have been invited to make first use of the shower facilities.
  • It all happened in slow motion for me... Even with my mouth opening to say: WTF as didnt initially see the backpass from Sarr so didnt quite know what happened

    Like Taylor I thought that was it though, after the goal we got proper nervous and for a good 20mins looked as though the players werent coping with the occasion
  • Was stunned silent until it started a punch up behind me, no idea why, think about standing up. That went on for a while. Said to my lad as long as we score before half time we’ll be fine, loads of time left. Dillon’s save from Leadbitter was crucial though, fair play to him to come back like that.
  • I turned to my Czech buddy and said "Black swan". I had played so many scenarios over in my mind before the game, but never that, never in a million years.

    But like others, I wasn't in despair. I just wanted them not to panic, and not to concede another before half -time. I could see that, as a Mackem had told me, they had sod all up front while we had Lyle.
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