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Programme for Final - available to order on-line



  • £8.55 shipping! 
  • Talal said:
    £8.55 shipping! 

    Rip-off. Think I'll  just carry mine around on the day.
  • Only came up as £3.70 for me. Still a bit steep though.
  • Just ordered mine, don't want to lug it around and fold/ruin it - £3.70 shipping for me too
  • Ah it's changed to 3.70 for me now too, think it came up as international shipping originally. 
  • Im surprised that the BBC dont comment on the prices charged for these Cup Finals etc. whenever they do their price of Football etc.

    i.e. they're than happy to show up clubs but ignore the fact that we're having to pay up to £80 at Wembley plus £10 for a Programme that doesnt have that much more content than what a club sells for @ £3

    Oh yeah but because its Wembley it suddenly becomes acceptable

  • Don't like the fact we are in the blue portion of the programme! 
  • Moan, moan, moan

    You try to provide a service and all you get are moans and complaints.

    No promote either and just one like.

    Now I know how Katrien felt.
    There you go Henners!
  • addick05 said:
    Talal said:
    £8.55 shipping! 

    Rip-off. Think I'll  just carry mine around on the day.

    Will have too,judging by the bag allowance size...or lack of...🙄
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  • Just ordered mine, don't want to lug it around and fold/ruin it - £3.70 shipping for me too
    It’s not quite authentic if you don’t buy it at the game!
  • edited May 2019
    Do Charlton get a mention ?

    edited, just seen the badge has been added to the front  of the programme
  • Will probably have a player profile on Aherne Grant & an interview with Maynard Brewer.. 
  • It’ll probably turn up in the post before the tickets  :#
  • Ordered mine yesterday thanks for the heads-up. Winge - was really quick and easy.
  • As I never got one yesterday - fancied buying one after the match, but none seemed to be on sale then - is it worth it? I know it's not worth £10, but are there any decent articles in it?
  • I can now confirm my complete metamorphosis in to a fully fledged Victor Meldrew. As someone who used to religiously buy a programme at every match and whose house is probably now a fire hazard on account of this past fixation, I can honestly state that buying a programme was never a consideration yesterday. Ten pounds, and I bet there's no continent in there that can't be found free on the internet anyway. Bring back team sheets!
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  • Why has Chris Maxwell got a picture of a Playstation controller next to his name, does that mean he was signed by the boy Dreisen?
  • Quite disgraceful they can't even spell players names right. Great for Naby to keep as momento?
  • Doo doo doo-doo doo doo
  • Doo doo doo-doo doo doo
    Doesn't play for us anymore. 
  • Yes a tenner is daylight robbery, but content was impressive and wasn’t just filler like so many matchday programmes these days.

    - full page intro by Lord Bowyer 
    - double page interview with Taylor
    - double page interview with Purrington
    - double page looking back at our season defining moments 
    - full page brief summary of 98 game and another describing where all the 98 players are now
    - full page article and interview on Josh Parker
    - double page about Curbs
    - full page interview with local journalist Liam Happe
    - double page interview with Aribo
    - full page article about CACT

    Thanks, that's what I was wondering
  • Found it strange when the teams were being announced

    Our players were read all over the place in terms of numbers whilst Sunderland were named numerically

    Almost like the bloke had forgotten how to count
  • £3.70 postage and the shameful robbing microbes don’t actually mail them out
    piss taking scum dwelling tat peddlers have got my money and don’t give a fig
  • Can you elaborate Stig? I ordered from these a few days back but wasn’t expecting immediate delivery?!
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