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When they missed that last pen...

Did anyone else think we had to take another one and score? 


  • Did anyone else think we had to take another one and score? 
    Yes, took a second to realise why the players were celebrating.
  • Me! For a split second after it,my brother and i just looked at each other before it hit home we'd won😂🤦‍♂️
  • Yep, still wasn’t sure five minutes later. 
  • Yep didn't realise if Naby had scored we woulda gone through...then when they missed the last one I still wasn't sure we had won...doh me head & emotion's were all over the place...
  • I thought I was the only one that did this. Somehow had forgotten that Solly went first. Oopsies
  • Glad that I wasn’t the only one 😳
  • If only we had a scoreboard ......
  • Had already left the ground to save myself the arithmetical and emotional torture. 
  • Did anyone else think we had to take another one and score? 
    Yup, it took me a couple of seconds to realise.
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  • Yep I did the same. As did a few around me too. Think it was mostly shock!
  • Did anyone else think we had to take another one and score? 
    Me too. I'd completely lost track.
  • Yep, had to count who'd already taken one before celebratin ! 
  • iainment said:
    No. I knew.
    "O" level maths takes you a long way.
    Hey, I've got A Level Maths and was watching on Sky, so had the little indicator thing on the left hand side of the screen. Still took me a few seconds to realise.

    I blame it on the stress.
  • I knew, or rather I thought I knew, but then lost a bit of confidence in my arithmetic, especially with the delayed reaction from much of the crowd  :)
  • Yes!!! I was so confused but went with the masses like a sheep, it paid off. 
  • Yep. I was expecting another one from us.
    Took a second until I saw the players charge.
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  • I really thought we had to take another one and was incredulous that fans were on the pitch. Turned round and saw my nephews going mental and joined in. 

    Scenes at at the end were just fantastic.
  • No, I thought to myself that we had 2 match points. If Sarr missed, they would still have to score 
  • Me and pretty much everyone around me. saw Phillips running away celebrating I turned to my mate and both of us asked have we done it?!! Before jumping and celebrating with others who were also in disbelief. 
  • I didn’t have a clue we had won
  • Yes I was confused and thought Donny had another turn, then had to leave quickish to get to Waterloo for the last train home
  • Haha, same :joy:
  • I only realised we'd won when the invasion happened. Had no idea Sarr's pen was to win it.
  • I knew we'd won, but had to second guess due to the crowd reaction. Can be heard in the highlights.
  • So from all these die hard CAFC fans no one knew we had won ...Brilliant 😂

    Did we ? 🤔

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