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UPBEATS DAY - 13th April 2019 - Wrap Up on Pg.6



  • @TCE came looking for you yesterday mate when I got to the ground, but didn't see you. Did you leave as soon as the walk finished? I went into the main car park looking for JJ and Valie and the van, but to no avail, sorry I missed you pal.
    Left straight away, the walk came into the west stand car park via the away end. I walked straight out the other exit, stopped for some stewards to pose with the dogs for photos. I was parked on Shootershill, was home by 2.00 and watched the game on the tv. 😀
  • So from the post walk batch a massive thank you to @masicat @Starinnaddick @ME14addick @SDAddick @Dippenhall
    @Cardinal Sin @Bristol Addick some of @suzisausage and @guinnessaddick friends and a whole heap of others 
  • Didnt want to create a new thread... For anyone with twitter who missed the piece on Boxing Day's Soccer Special
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Roland Out!