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Gordon Banks - RIP



  • I remember him saving a penalty from John Hewie at what is now the Jimmy South end.
    Nice man.  RIP Gordon

    I was at that match, 1962-3 my first full season supporting Charlton.

    A League Cup replay under lights, we drew the first match at Leicester the week before, 4-4, after being 4 down at half time and won the replay 2-1.

    Happy days.

    RIP Gordon, simply the best.

  • Had the distinct pleasure of meeting him once. A true gentleman and one of my earliest heroes. Remember the save against Geoff Hurst... don't remember Hurst ever missing a penalty. Probably the only English keeper who will ever win a World Cup! 
  • RIP a true football legend should have been  Sir Gordon Banks.
  • As a kid when I played football if you were a forward you were Geoff hurst / Jimmy Greaves / George Best etc etc.

    If you were a goalkeeper you were always Gordon Banks

  • Another of that gilded team leaves us. What memories he leaves behind. 
  • I hadn't realised that he left Leicester only a year after the WC win after they decided to go with Peter Shilton instead. Shilton was a great keeper too, but that's still a major call.
  • As a kid when I played football if you were a forward you were Geoff hurst / Jimmy Greaves / George Best etc etc.

    If you were a goalkeeper you were always Gordon Banks

    As a Scottish kid it was Johnstone, Law or Lorimer, but it was always Banks.
  • Whos gone,or left from 1966. What fee would he fetch today,at peace Gordon.
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  • Aargh, only just saw this. Blubbed in the 70s when he had his horrific car accident and just repeated it at my desk. A complete legend. RIP Gordon
  • RIP Gordon, a world cup winning legend and great keeper. The best I have had the pleasure of watching in my lifetime.
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    Rip Banks.
    Felt like I won the Lottery when as a young kid I watched  him when he came over with Stock City playing a friendly against Israel in Tel Aviv.
    Will never forget it, and that save...

  • God will put him straight in the first team - probably in charge of the pearly gates. 
  • England's greatest keeper and a true legend of the game. RIP Gordon.
  • RIP. A true great.
  • Legend , RIP Gordon 
  • RIP. I can only reiterate the many fabulous comment already in this thread.
  • Rest in peace, Gordon.
  • Met him once on the way home from Barnsley...He had been working for BBC in Chesterfield that day.

    He was with other people on a train but still found time to speak with me about football and Charlton.

    Signed my pack of UNO cards what a gent.

    Rest in peace,the greatest english goalkeeper ever.

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  • Another one of the 'boys of 66' gone.

    Imo he was a truly incomparable keeper, or perhaps the great Lev Yashin, who I saw play at wembley was on a par.

    No surprise to learn he was a real gentleman with it.
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    When Banksy had a tummy bug, and couldn't play in the 70 World Cup Quarter Final Sir Alf said." if i was going to lose a player why did it have to be him!" Truly World Class! 

    Gordon Banks Goalkeeper, WORLD CUP WINNER, but best of all a gentleman!
  • Shook his hand once on the dance floor at a conference somewhere - I said it was a pleasure to meet him, he smiled generously, shook my hand firmly, and thanked me for taking the time to do so. In small moments you can judge the quality of man, and he was quality.

  • I played in goal as a kid in the 70s when I started playing football - as is always the case, no one else would! Banks was inspirational all the same.  
  • My maternal grandmother lived in Bexleyheath next door to a Mr & Mrs Banks. My mum's cousin got married on World Cup Final day in 1966, I was just coming up to one year old at the time. So Obviously I don't remember the final but the family talked about it for years at social do's (usually round my Nan's) because it was Val & Franks wedding and stories of my Dad, Grandad, Uncle Charlie et al listening to a tranny in the church and my Aunt Kit singing "Oh When The Saints" at the reception etc planted something in my young mind. To such an extent that I thought that Mr Banks (They did socialise at our events but were always referred to Mr&Mrs Banks) next to my Nan's was Gordon Banks. Why wouldn't I? I'd had these heroes names pummeled into my memory for years and when one of them (he was the only Mr Banks I knew)  lived next door to my Nan it was natural for a 5, 6 or seven year old boy to think such. 
     Gordon Banks - A 24 carat hero and gentleman. 
  • I don't think there has been a better England goalie since his day also a good ambassador of the game.

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