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Gordon Banks - RIP



  • Good god how very sad and has shocked me. One, if not, THE greatest goalkeeper that ever played the game at international level. Was an all time great in my eyes, and yes that Pele save was just phenomenal and I doubt could ever be bettered. RIP Gordon and thanks for some fantastic memories. 
  • R.I.P. Gordon. Your World Cup win will never be forgotten.
  • RIP - forever an England legend!
  • Really sad. Aside from being a magnificent keeper he was one of those people that no one ever had a bad word for and everyone had time for, and he them.

    RIP Gordon.
  • Shocked to hear of his death---what a keeper,so consistent,so calm,so modest.Top,top class.
    He set the standard that very few have touched since.Geoff Hurst is still wondering how he saved his penalty at Upton Park when he blasted it at full power,and that was some shot he had.If you haven't seen it then please watch it.
    RIP Gordon and thank you so much.
  • a real legend RIP
  • Incredibly sad. He is a true, true legend. I'm nowhere near old enough to remember him playing but love watching old clips of him. 
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  • I remember my  mate telling me he went to see Spurs play either Leicester or Stoke.
    Spurs were awarded a penalty and Gordon was kicking his boots against the post to shake the mud off. The ref wasn't  having that, blew his whistle and Jimmy Greaves stuck it in the other corner. Banksy chased the ref back to the halfway line and told him that it was unfair, in more colourful terms than that i imagine. What a goalie. RIP Banksy.
  • Just heard the news. I had the privilege of  seeing him play several times during his time at Stoke.

    Certainly the best English keeper I have ever seen and always came across as a thoroughly good bloke.
  • He almost made you want to be a goalie! RIP
  • My first ever football hero
  • Saw him play a lot when he was at Leicester and Stoke.
    RIP a Legend. To coin a phrase ''Safe as the Banks of England''.
    Sadly don't think we will ever have a team as great as the 1966
    World cup winners. 
  • Waiting on the comments from Pele who he remained friends with for his life post football. Wondering if he will have the health to attend the funeral?
  • RIP - deep respect
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  • Anyone born in the 60s and 70s who played in goal a bit would have been a Gordon Banks at one time , I was ,  before I upgraded to Nicky Johns !

    RIP World Cup winning Legend 
  • RIP Gordon, a great player and gentleman
  • A genuine footballing great.

  • RIP what a keeper and what a save that was in 1970
  • Had the pleasure of meeting him not long after the 66 world cup win, that England team played a charity match at Dulwich Hamlet.
    True gent to me that day as a young star struck kid and what a great player.
  • A lovely and very modest man .. I met Gordon a few times at fund raisers/charity events, unless you knew who he was you'd never have known that he was a world famous ex footballer .. he made no mention of his exploits or the fact that he was blind in one eye following a car crash way back in 1972 and was reluctant to talk about them even when prompted … 
    England's greatest ever goalkeeper who like almost all of his World Cup team mates, never made the cash fortune or received the adulation that would have been his due if he had done the same thing in (say) 2018 .. still he lived to a good age and always seemed to be a happy and contented man

    R I P
  • Simply the best RIP Gordon
  • RIP Gordon, one of our truly greatest players.
  • I remember him saving a penalty from John Hewie at what is now the Jimmy South end.
    Nice man.  RIP Gordon
  • Sleep tight, Gordon.
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