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Private Discussions

edited June 2007 in Troubleshooting
I've noticed that if you get whispered it appears at the top of the board which is brilliant.

However, if someone starts up a private discussion you don't get alerted and the thread just falls down the page like a regular topic. I don't think this is just me??

Would be useful to have the alerts to discussions as they do with whispers.

And mad83 - i found my Liverpool stub in a pair of unwashed jeans, i'll put it in the post for you this week. ;-)


  • Lookout will probably have a view on this and i know he is looking at improvements for the site in the summer.

    If you don't already, you could bookmark it- it'll make it more visable for you.
  • Yup, that's right WSS, it happens like that for all. The idea is that notification is necessary for Whispered comments in a public discussion because these can easily be overlooked, but Private Discussions should be sent towards the top anyway. They have a priority over public discussions. The problem is that these can get lost when there is a barrage of comments between the time when the whisper is sent and the user next logs in.

    I'll look into how easily I can add the notification message on a Private Discussion. It shouldn't be too difficult. The other issue with this is that the notification, when there is a private comment in a public discussion, doesn't skip to the correct page of the public discussion where the private comment is to be found. One day maybe we can sort that too ;-)
  • If anyone has any other issues feel free to raise them, as I am looking to improve things this summer.
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