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Ultra Low Emission Zone



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    I handsdown win the competition for the most shafted, because of ulez. I run a gardening company in Bromley with six transit tipper trucks only one of which is ulez compliant (18 plate) to continue to trade I will need to pay £62.50 per truck per day or spend £18,000 on an 18 plate truck x5. That’s too much money which ever way you look at it. I’m all for saving the planet but why do I feel I am the one picked on here?. Shouldn’t the burden be shared? It really is a question of fairness.
    Sorry to hear that, my advice would be to sell your current fleet away from London now and although yes it'll be more cost it'll be better than waiting.

    on the plus side I've been looking for a Gardener to do some work (I'm in Bickley) so your post may have got you some more work! Message me company/contact details.
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    Sadiq says 'Our city is being smothered by toxic air. Air pollution particles have even been found in the livers and brains of unborn babies. We can not stand idly by and allow this to continue'

    What he forgot to add was 'unless you pay us £12.50 a day to help pay our 100k wages and bonuses, then that pollution magically disappears and you are no longer a baby killer'
    Incentives are the most effective way to bring behavioural change.

    It's not a complicated concept.
    And how do we stop the large number of families doing school runs every day for presumably small journeys? That’s poor on every level yet appears to be increasing. 

    Schools try I think to encourage walking  as should be very viable for most but it seems to little success. 

    ULEZ likely won’t solve. But what will?

    My kids attend a private school. I assume you would agree that we are therefore exempt from this kind of thinking?
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