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We can’t match @Chizz excellent effort, but as is tradition we’d like to wish all our members a fantastic Xmas.

It’s been incredibly busy at CL Towers of late. @LoOkOuT is under the stairs urgently fixing the dated electrics, @Stig is marking his favourite beers of 2018 and @lancashire lad is working out the beer averages and comparing his 2017 scores. None of us are quite sure what @cabbles is doing, but he’s nice to have around the place, bless him :-)

Another year older and it’s not been a bad year in CL terms; site traffic is up 11% on last year and we’ve managed to again help support and promote some excellent causes such as the Greenwich & Bexley Hospice and the PSA Tests for Prostate Cancer.

The main effort again was in support of the fabulous Upbeats and it was a bit of a landmark for us this year as our direct contribution through CL for that scheme smashed through the £50k mark, something that all who have contributed should be very proud of.

We are still in a ‘mixed zone’ Charlton wise as many members are currently in different phases of their support. But I think in a not ideal situation we are just about balancing the different views and standpoints. We all hope for that big news which will bring everything together arriving soon, but sadly we won’t hold our breath.

Finally, we are aware this can be a difficult time of year for many people. Whether shared or not shared publicly, we know that a number of our regular posters have been impacted by ill health, victims of crime, loss of loved ones or just a bad personal situation. Just want you to know that thoughts and well wishes are with you from everyone in the CL community.

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year everyone

Up the Addicks

Ps. And don’t forgot to partake tomorrow in the annual best / worst presents thread


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