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Repeat *** CARD Advent Calendar ***

It's that time of year again. We don't usually do repeats - but these have a special place in our hearts.

Just a little reminder. He's still here and so are we. Here's hoping for a happier, Roland free Charlton in 2019.



  • Brilliant.
    Thanks for doing this again
  • Very fitting that the first one is of Chris Solly, so close to his testimonial event.

    I bet he will be one of the first to celebrate when Duchatelet finally goes.
  • Loved celebrating that goal
  • Opened mine yesterday -

  • Still a brilliant piece of work.

    The advent calendar videos was another reminder, not that one was really needed, of how creative and skilled sections of our supporter customer base are.

    It also highlights how self-defeating it was of the owner and his talentless lackey to ignore the supporters and any offers of assistance and co-operation in their interim reign.

    Just sell the club and f*** off ( (c) @blackpool72 )
  • I just loved these last year!
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  • edited December 2018

    Omg was that real and not just a dream the ying to the painful yang now .
    To think we now tug ourselves off if we beat gillingham in a fucking match ffs
    I mean that broke me , Curbs and Powell there in the space of a few seconds genuine Charlton hardcore porn , I’m going for a cry wank

    That also would have been the strongest Charlton team in our lifetime as at that point we were on our way to the top 4 of the Premier League at Christmas, just before selling Parker (partly off the back of that game) and beginning our 12+ year decline... and now we're set for our longest spell in the 3rd tier in our history.
  • Great shot of Powelly at the end. Will always be a total Charlton legend.
  • Wake up Card! Some of us early birds like our advent calendar when we wake up! Day 5 awaited with anticipation. Thanks.
  • Very apt on Back to the Valley Day! Great memories.
  • Really enjoying seeing these again.

    I need something to raise my spirits; with the takeover seemingly a figment of Roland's fertile imagination, and mass protests being difficult to arrange now attendance is dwindling to 2 men & a dog (and one of them can't go through the turnstiles!). Today's reminder that we have before recovered from a seemingly impossible situation is very timely.

    So come on CARD, ROT, WAR, etc. - what are we planning for our Spring Spectacular, if we're still in Roland's greedy clutches when the days start to lengthen?
  • Let's have plenty of shots!!
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  • Thanks, Card, well worth waiting for. A real tear-jerker everytime.
  • Fantastic , I'm sure I saw a young Clive Harris there with hair
  • Thanks for the 4th Dec, it was my 65th birthday yesterday. I remember driving to Knutsford on boxing day to watch that game on Sky in a pub.
  • love watching these - who is the female singer?
  • love watching these - who is the female singer?

    Daniela Andrade
  • edited December 2018

    Fantastic , I'm sure I saw a young Clive Harris there with hair

    Yep woolwich town hall, completely valid vote I cast (ish)
  • What a player, Bent was! It seems unreal now and so long ago. A new dawn soon...?
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Roland Out!