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Charlton v Oxford - Post Match Views

Disappointing outcome, feels we are dropping winnable points a bit too frequently at the mo.

Fair result? Didn’t get the breaks? Got what we deserve?

Let’s hear your views


  • More points dropped from a winning position. Would like to see more proactive changes from bowyer as we go into the last 20 minutes, no subs again until the equaliser goes in.

    If we want to challenge we need to cut this out
  • Bowyer too naive. Robinson put him in his back pocket tonight, in fact it wouldn’t surprise me if it was robinson that watered the pitch so much that none of our players could stay on their feet.
  • We ain’t going up this year. And no takeover. Lovely.
  • First half we played well in spells.

    Second half we never got going and thought we were hanging on a little in the end. Thought Fosu should have been replaced by Ward instead of Reeves. Would have used Ajose as well as Grant and Taylor weren't at their best tonight
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  • A poor game of many fouls and broken up moves.....neither side seemed able to string more than a few passes together.
    What crosses we put in were of very poor quality for the most part......with one or two decent ones that no one got on the end of anyway.
    Disgraceful time wasting at the end by Oxford which didn’t help either.
    Not a patch on Saturday’s performance.
  • First half meh. Second shite.

    Created very little and got deeper and deeper.

    Oxford timewasting from about 15mins doesn't help.

    If Aribo doesn't air kick that chance it's game over.
  • That's a shit result whatever way you look at it. A poor side there for the taking, we didn't capitalise. Robinson got one over us imo, disappointing.
  • Leuth said:

    Also, is Reeves not fully fit? He'd have been about my seventh choice of player to remove - he was making things happen

    Make that ‘trying to make things happen’.
  • Poor performance masked by a properly shit Oxford team and a completely inept manager.

    For all the game we played into their hands, Taylor didn't win a thing in the air as everytime he touched the defender it was a foul. Lots of hoofing and punting the ball that resulted in throw ins and goal kicks that they then took an age to take everytime. When they equalised, our heads went, suddenly the game plan was out the window and players were rushing and panicking, in particular Pearce, who started running about like a headless chicken trying to take free kicks etc as quick as possible. All in all a pretty crap game that we never truly got hold of, and we were made to pay
  • Holmes is a class A bellend
  • Not a good performance from us at all. Felt Grant and Fosu where off. Unfortunately for us Holmes had a really good game. At least we didn’t lose!
  • Holmes is a class A bellend

    Why do you say that?
  • Is it fosu 4 starts no wins
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  • Moo said:

    Not a good performance from us at all. Felt Grant and Fosu where off. Unfortunately for us Holmes had a really good game. At least we didn’t lose!

    Moo......I don’t think anyone on either side had a really good game.
  • Didn't deserve to win.

    Very disappointing performance - a decent side would have trounced us today.

    3 points there for the taking and we didn't turn up.
  • Holmes is a class A bellend

    Why do you say that?
    Chucked himself on the floor all game and moaned at the ref about every decision even when he was no where near what happened.

  • junk league , junk junk junk

    what sort of reception did Robinson and Holmes get ?
  • Felt we were on top for periods of the game, they got shed loads of yellow cards trying to stop us.

    In the end we need to score at 1-0 up in this league because so many get scored on the break. Thought their goal was a little against the run of play but we were getting nervy precisely when we should have been hammering it home.

    Fosu not sharp enough yet
  • Aside from a ten minute spell in the first half we never not going. The game was too stop start for us to build any momentum.

    Oxford did a number on us. Bowyer should have reacted earlier to try and get us back on the front foot.

    Very frustrating result, another game which we have thrown away
  • End of the season when we are languishing in 7th may look back on these sort of games, v fucking annoying
  • thank goodness Oxford were time wasting because reading some of the above they were the more likely to nick it
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