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Dolores O'Riordan RIP



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    That's sad. I was a fan of the Cranberries back in the day. RIP
  • Gutted to hear this. Loved the Cranberries. What a voice. RIP.
  • Wow,thats sad. What a great voice she had. RIP.
  • Another bit of sad news, so young as well RIP
  • Terrible news. What an artist. RIP
  • Blimey - thats a shock. Younger than me - puts life into perspective. Remember buying Linger on 7" vinyl when it first came out. Great voice.

  • Very sad news and obviously completely unexpected. RIP
  • RIP

    I think No Need to Argue is one of the first albums I remember hearing, amazing voice.
  • So sad, my favourite female vocalist. Love all her stuff and she was brilliant live.

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  • By chance last night i listened to the Cranberries album "No Need to Argue" right through. Twenty one, Daffodil's lament etc... great album. Sad loss.
  • Terrible news, died suddenly in London while recording apparently. Linger is one of favourite singles of the 90's
  • Great voice, really liked the cranberries in my youth. RIP
  • That pixie look really did it for me back in the dreams/linger days. Had the pleasure of seeing the Cranberries at Feille festival in 94.
  • That is very sad. I wonder if she'll turn into a Zombie, zombie, zombie-ie-ie

    Sorry. RIP. No age at all
  • RIP. Fantastic and powerful voice. Many great tracks with Zombie being my particular favourite. Sad news especially at such a young age.
  • Very sad news. Saw the Cranberries in Milton Keynes, along with REM and Radiohead. Great voice. RIP.
  • RIP. Linger is a truly lovely song.
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  • Love Linger and Zombie

  • So young, very sad. RIP.
  • Zombie and Linger were staple jukebox selections of mine in the early to mid-90s. She had a great voice, RIP
  • 46! Shocking and a bit scary.
  • Gobsmacked Only 46. Loved the track Zombie.
    So sad Life is so precious .... RIP
  • Oh no, that's terrible news, really really shocking and sad. I was also at the Milton Keynes festival when the Cranberries supported REM, boiling hot day, fantastic show. RIP Dolores, what a voice.
  • 100% absolutely gutted. I could listen to her sing all day. Top of my list of bands to see live that I have not seen. Gutted. RIP Dolores.
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