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End of the line club



  • Chalk me down for another one tonight. I'll let you know the details in due course.
  • got drunk got on the old 36b at grove park,stopped at new cross gate i stayed on sleeping,woke up in kilburn,at 3am on a sunday with no money,had to get my dad to pay my fare at grove park for me to aquire a travel warrant at 10am
  • In 1981 the Christmas following my first marraige I had a boozy lunch and left in the early evening to go home, walked or stumbled to Cannon Street, got on a train, got off at Woolwich Arsenal, got a bus to Charlton all perfectly normal but it wasnt until my late great Mum answered the door and said "what are you doing here" that i remembered I now lived in Essex and had done for four months. Doh!
  • Ended up in Sidcup last night - only one stop past mine - but have lost my dog. Feel ruff.
  • Pissed out of my mind one night I ended up in Dover.

    The kicker was that I was still living at me Mum's in Deptford - and I'd only got on the bloody train at London Bridge. Kipped on the station and was so bladdered that i didn't even get the first train back - I ended up waking up at about half eight, so still didn't get in until about 11:30 in the morning
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: paulbaconsarnie[/cite]not an 'end of the line' but........
    a mate broke our 'no sleep' rule on way back from a game so we tied his shoe laces around the leg of the seat he was in.
    train arrives at eltham, (where we were all getting off), we get off the train and as the doors start to beep to shut, we shout to wake him up. he panics, tries to run only to fall flat on his face. in the process he tightens the knot so much, it took him to bexleyheath to untie it. tears of laughter from us and other people on the train.[/quote]

    Thing was he had woken up momentarily and looked straight at the said shoe lace tie-er!
  • Great stuff, PBS, brunello especially, lol
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