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End of the line club

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Has anyone fallen asleep on the train/bus/tube, generally after a night of boozing to wake up at the end of the line?

Let's see who wound up furthest away from their intended destination!


  • the thought of that scares the pants off of me!
  • Woken up in Gillingham trying to get to Lewisham

    Woken up in Dartford trying to get to Charlton

    A friend once ended up in Guildford.
  • Do it most times I go out on the lash and wake up at Southend but only a five mile cab ride.

    The best I ever heard and am told it is completely true was a fella who missed his stop somewhere in the midlands, think it was Milton Keynes (bladdered obviously) and woke up in Perth (Scotland)

    £90 cab ride back.
  • my mate lived in Enfield and woke up two friday's on the trot in Cambridge. Both times had to wake up a B+B to get a room at 1am, the second time the guvnor killed himself.

    What made me laugh is the next morning he got a fine for not having a ticket for the journey back !
  • Ended up in Stanmore once after falling asleep on the Jubilee line
  • Furthest i ever got was waking up at stone crossing when i was meant to get off at welling
  • [cite]Posted By: Rothko[/cite]Ended up in Stanmore once after falling asleep on the Jubilee line

    Mr Carpenter is very accommodating! Was he drunk too?
  • i ended up at the hawthorns train station when i was meant to be visiting a friend in wembley
  • [cite]Posted By: Sco[/cite]
    [cite]Posted By: Rothko[/cite]Ended up in Stanmore once after falling asleep on the Jubilee line

    Mr Carpenter is very accommodating! Was he drunk too?

    lol, was trying to think of a jibe to!! nice one sco!
  • [cite]Posted By: Sco[/cite]
    [cite]Posted By: Rothko[/cite]Ended up in Stanmore once after falling asleep on the Jubilee line

    Mr Carpenter is very accommodating! Was he drunk too?

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  • Went out on a ramble in the Tonbridge area one sunny summer day a few years back. Anyway, my mate had one or two beers and he started to feel the pace. He caught the train back to Hither Green and promptly fell asleep. Was woken up by a railway cleaner at 2am because the train was in the sidings at Dover. His wife wasn't very impressed and this ultimately led to his divorce...HeHe
  • Luton trying to get to Dartford after the Arsenal game a few years back.

    I think I was so drunk after drinking around Kings Cross that in my pissed state thought Kings X was Charing X and just fell asleep on a random train that I thought was bound to go to Dartford and was woke up by a guard at 2am in Luton.

    £100 cab home had to show them on the map where Dartford was.
  • Worst Ive had was when I was in The City at the ripe old age of 22 and still living with my parents in Blackheath

    Leave the pub at 8pm after a "long lunch"
    Arrive at London Bridge at 8.15pm
    Get on a train to Blackheath. ETA 8.45pm
    Wake up in Gravesend around 10pm
    Get on the next London bound train 10.20pm. Fall asleep
    Arrive in Charing Cross around midnight
    Get on train to Blackheath around 12.20am. Fall asleep
    Wake up in Dartford around 1.30am
    Get cab
    Arrive home sometime after 2am
  • Im in that club..

    ended up in Orpington when I should have been at beckenham..

    and Ive also been ejected from the tube which obviously earns me at least 4 extra least
  • girl i know got so sloshed one christmas eve in the city, woke up in the sidings in a pitch black train. Had to call the police.
  • A scouse bloke I used to work with served as a submariner and was returning back to ship in West Scotland via Glasgow.

    Had had a huge night the night before and fell asleep on the train. Woke up. Saw he was about halfway there so went back to sleep and then promptly woke up again back in Liverpool. He has slept all the way to Glasgow and then woke up on his return journey but hadn't realised.
  • when living in sevenoaks i did it on a late train home. Right pain in the arse to be honest i woke in such a fright as I knew i had missed my stop i jumped out at the next station i came to. I either think it was Robertsbridge or Battle but i know the cab fare home was £80. i could have cried... but just grateful to be able to get home at that time of night. luckily some other fool had done it and shared with to Tunbrige Wells so it wasnt so bad.
  • Sco - This self-inflicted amusement has happened far too many times (in a former life, obviously).


    Travelling from Home to Work - The day after a "Meet the Customer" Company Open Day. Early-doors Luncheon and Gentlemens Evening, I was at home (Ilford) before 11pm. Refreshed, suited booted I got on my usual train (7:30) from Ilford to Liverpool Street (six miles) . Woke up at Southend. Ate remedial breakfast. Bought newspaper as keep-awake stimulus. Was awake at Stratford, stood up, sat down. Woke up at Southend. Stood all the way from Southend to Romford. Confused about daylight. Got minicab home. Lost my watch (security for fare !)


    One Friday night - Charing Cross to Bexleyheath. Ended back in the completely closed Canon Street Station. On the effing bridge - not enough balls to jump off the train and walk to London Bridge. Woken by a cleaner in the early hours; escorted into Canon Street station by dishevelled BT police. And the kicker is ....... for older readers ..... does anyone remember the "special parties" held in that station over the weekends .........
  • Bedford twice now... £80 cab or 1 hour wait till trains started running again, slept on Station till trains started running, in bed by 6 up again at 7 to back to work. Also found myself at Luton at 11pm on a Friday night with two laptops and £1000 cash advance for a business trip i was going on the next day, i was the only one not in a group of 10 wearing a hoody on the station...

    Best one i heard was someone on the thameslink that goes between Bedford and Brighton, bloke is lashed, calling his mrs to say he'd be at the station in 30mins, wakes up calls a to tell her he's missed his St albans station stop and he'll get off at the next one. She's getting a bit worried when he hasn't turned up a couple of hours later and calls him he's woken up on a south bound train coming into Brighton. Heads northbound back towards St Albans falls asleep again and ends up in Bedford, the wife calls him and talks to him all the way home till his station, he'd been on the train for nearly 8 hours by the time he got home!
  • Many years ago I got back to London Bridge late at night after a very heavy session, got on the first train I saw (my brain at the time telling me it must stop at Charlton) and eventually woke up in Dover. Not only got the wrong train but was out for the whole journey. Couldn't get a train back so sat/laid on a bench in the station for the first train back Saturday morning.
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  • Im my University days I once caught the train from Paddington to Bristol, only to be woken up in Swansea!!

    Happy Days.
  • my brother once on nye fell asleep on train to orpington but were saved by a phone call which meant they only got as far as sevenoaks, next stop was dover. nyd and no trains running, could have been fun!

    i've heard stories of people going to one end to the other 3 times on the jubilee line

    thankfully, furthest station i've woken up in was crayford!
  • Dover priory - twice effing expensive cab back to Bexley.

    Gillingham - several times - best one was being woken up by a guard asking where i was trying to get to, "Bexley" says I, "You're fooked then", says he, "this train is going into the sidings and you've been through here three times already"

    Cue another £50 quid to keep a Gillingham cab firm afloat.
  • I've never managed to do that. Always seem to have a built in clock that wakes me up at Chatham worse luck.

    Mate of mine whilst we were working in Purley ended up in Brighton after a night on the piss. Don't even know why he got on the train, we were styaing a ten minute walk from the high street!! Perhaps he just fancied an adventure?
  • cant believe people actually do this! and i thought i was thick!
  • However the worst of all possible worlds is the one where you crash out on the last train from Charing Cross, immediately fall asleep and wake up with a start after what seems hours of travelling. Totally nonplussed you decide to cut your losses and jump out at the next stop, if for no other reason than to keep the cab fare down only to find that you've only got as far as Lewisham, there are no trains, no cabs, no buses and the only recourse is an embarrased phone call to the mrs to get picked up.

    Not that it's ever happened to me of course but I've heard......
  • Glad I don't use trains very often eh Ollie?!
  • many times ended up at Chathem or Gillingham when I was in Belvedere or Barnehurst.

    But one of the funniest I remember was when CAFC were playing at Brighton and one of the lads with us (sadly now RIP) had to get back to a wedding at about 8pm or a family do or something so left before we did. We turned up at the station at about 11.30 and he staggers onto the concourse to meet us, he had got the trin to London, fallen asleep and woke up when the train arrived back in Brighton on the return journey. he ended up with us at gatwick - no point going back into London so late and we knew we could sleep til the morning or get something to eat there.
  • Luckily dartford is the last stop on many trains i get so no real issue for me. When at uni though i was travelling from Swansea to Cardiff for a night out, fell asleep and ended up in Reading. pretty annoying.
  • When living in Surrey I always got the fast Train to Surbiton home (First Stop), however more than a few times ended up in Woking or Walton on Thames. Got so fed up with it ended up standing all the way home so I could not fall asleep.
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