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Celebrities That Are Still Alive

In conjunction with the obsession with RIP threads on here and my own surprise that the late Tony Booth hadn't died years ago, may I propose that we name well known people in public life that are still around. Can we please set the minimum age to be 90 years old.
Here are a few:

Olivia De Havilland (101) - Actress who played Maid Marion in The Adventures of Robin Hood starring Errol Flynn in 1938 and also Gone With The Wind
Kirk Douglas (100) - Spartacus - Say no more!
Dennis Norden (95) - Comedy writer
(Lord) Peter Carrington (98) - Decorated war veteran, Government Minister, Secretary General of NATO
President Jimmy Carter (92)
Everton Weekes (92) West Indian Test Cricketer and one of The Three W's
Pete Murray (92) Original Radio1 DJ
Katie Boyle (91) Actress and TV personality
Nicholas Parsons (93) Actor and TV/Radio personality
Doris Day (95) Singer and actress
David Attenborough (91) - Naturalist and broadcaster
Mel Brooks (91) Actor/Producer/Director

Please post your own, respectfully.

JJ doesn't qualify!



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