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What job/ career would you do if you could start again?

Reading young Cabbies post on the General Things That Please You thread about going back to tell his schoolboy self and studying to become an astronomer (surprisingly not doing the knowledge as his befitting moniker would suggest) got me thinking about this as I trundle along on the train for another day of soul selling tedium.

So much easier in retrospect to do things when young and free of commitments but the cruel irony of youth being wasted on the young and wisdom arriving too late but I think the saying "Do something you love/are passionate about for a job and you'll never work a day in your life" probably holds a lot of truth.

Wish I'd done some kind of fitness or writing based career myself and plan to one day.

What would you do if you had your time again?



  • Have always wanted to be an author as love books.

    Photography is another career Id have liked
  • This question always flummoxes me, I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up and I'm 36!

    Only thing I would have done is worked harder at school, academic qualifications aren't everything however they don't half help create opportunities and open doors.
  • Definitely a photographer. I've been trying to persuade my eldest son that it's a good profession but he's not interested.
  • Definitely a photographer. I've been trying to persuade my eldest son that it's a good profession but he's not interested.

    I've built up a really good friendship with my Wedding Photographer and he thinks that particular industry is dying out at the moment.

    These days there are too many people out there who think they can do it with an iPhone for a lot cheaper and customers are being fooled because they dont realise the overall quality etc. will be worse
  • Personal Trainer & Nutritionist.

    I hate office work, it just seems I have always been good at it.
    I truly wish I had never left Fitness Instructing when I did.

    It's still my long term goal to get back into the industry. But it's realistically only ever going to be a hobby now.
  • I would like to have done something in the AV world....

    Thought about taking on a Sevenoaks Hi-Fi franchise s few years back but bottled it.
  • I currently work in IT. Wish I'd learned a trade, possibly plastering
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  • Professional voyeur (think there's a market for it and willing to take to Dragon's Den).
  • Immigration Advisor, still my plan to become one and build my own firm.
  • Currently in construction as it pays the bills but as a teenager I wanted to work in film. I was always fascinated with the direction of movies and attempted to make a couple of short films with mates on my dad's video camera!
    Still holding onto the dream I started a media course at nwk college but it didn't work out and was a pretty badly run course from what I remember. So I left, found a apprentiship and worked my way up from there.
    Just recently I've had the urge to write a few ideas down and see where it takes me
  • Gynecologist ...............
  • Cartographer. I've always enjoyed looking at maps.
  • Looking back I can see numerous times where I had clear choices and took one path instead of another. Could have been a surveyor, stayed in the University sector and been well paid has an academic or administrator etc. I've decent qualifications and I guess they could have been improved but you can't change your nature and for that reason I wouldn't go back and change a thing. I've made plenty of mistakes but we learn from them. If I went back and followed a different choice im not sure that I would be in a better place personally. I'll stick with what I've got.
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    MrLargo said:

    Airline pilot.

    If I won a big amount on the Lottery (i.e. Over £30m) one of the first "presents" to myself would be to properly learn to fly!!

    One of the best bits of the holiday is hurtling down the runway @ 100mph and then for the first few minutes in the air seeing the whole of the English Countryside below you like one of those miniature village places you can go to
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  • Train driver
  • Sports journalist or travel writer.

    Or retired dotcom multi millionaire.
  • Cartographer. I've always enjoyed looking at maps.

    cabbles said:

    Cartographer. I've always enjoyed looking at maps.

    I like maps too mate. If someone mentions somewhere or I'm watching something and a place name/country comes up, I sometimes just find myself looking at google maps for a good 5-10 minutes afterwards

    If you like Jigsaws as well this should be something worth getting...

    My wife got it for me for Christmas, choosing the Victorian Ordnance version of where we currently live and what our area looked like back then (its helpful because the section of the map where you live is a jigsaw piece in the shape of a house rather than a typical piece)

    Only difficult thing is there is no picture of the Jigsaw completed so your forced to put it together blind yet since competing it I've looked at other maps of our area and the one I've got dates back to around 1895
  • Soldier - specifically The Paras
  • Cricketer. Was never gonna happen as my brother got all the sporting talent in my family (can't complain I got the brains). Although I did take 13 wickets at an average of 10.2 this year (helped by a career best of 5-18) so I'm expecting that ashes call up any day.

    Having said that I'm only 22 have have about 2 years of work under my belt. While I enjoy what I do now I'll probably hate it in 10 years.
  • Well judging the size of my old boy and the amount of weapons I've nicked.. work is about my level.
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