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***** Sale of Charlton - DING DONG IT'S DONE!!!!! (LAST ORDERS - Closes Monday)*****



  • shirty5 said:

    Positive news at last. Anything that means they are selling up is a win win


    I sincerely hope you're right mate, doesn't look to glossy so far though!
  • stonemuse said:

    First name to break cover, will possibly encourage others to do so.

    In RD's interests if he can provoke a bidding war.

    Agreed - and if the figure being quoted is correct (£33m) it's a lot less than the stupid figures being banded about recently.
  • I expect the Valley question is not significant and it's just the way it's written. It has bugged me though whether ACV works in both directions, i.e. If ground were retained and the rest sold.
  • Looks like they're connected with Richmond FC (Aussie Rules team)

    Not sure who G Murphy is, might be interesting.


    Danny's brother?

    Joanna Taylor as the new CEO?
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  • Do you think Brexit forms part of their business plan?
  • Bit like Jimenez, Slater and Roland without the Cash mixed into one.

    Fixed it for you
  • Period of exclusivity sounds the most promising part. Others are in the queue then.
  • They intend to make back their investment by getting us back into the premier league. That can't be a bad thing.

    Thing is. It's not going to be "their" investment. The five year blueprint will need backing by other investors. Notoriously hard getting into the PL without huge luck (Palace) or huge investment. I can't see many "investors" out there likely to gamble.

    As for the feeder club. What's not to cautiously like. Plenty of talent in Oz. First dibs on the cream could be very good.

    I'm betting this won't eventually fly.

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  • edited April 2017

    They intend to make back their investment by getting us back into the premier league. That can't be a bad thing.

    Problem for me is, it isn't as simple as just getting to the Premier League. It takes careful planning, sound judgement, luck, and lots of $$$$$$. If it works then great, but if they blow all their cash and we don't make it, where does that leave us? Maybe back in the Championship but with mounting debts and bills and wages not getting paid? Potentially back where we were when Roland bought us - higher in the Leagues but potentially even more precarious in terms of our long term survival prospects. We certainly wouldn't be the first or last club to come in with a magic 5 year plan only for the pan to fail miserably.

    Perhaps beggars can't be choosers, but in a ideal world we would be bought by someone with genuine ambitions to to take the club forward with on pitch success and the ability to invest to make that happen, but also the ability to keep the club afloat with their own money.
  • So when will the takeover fully go through??
  • On a cautionary note, why would young Australian talent come to us?

    It's not as if it's some undiscovered football country, that nobody else has paid any attention to, I'm sure lots of clubs have scouts down under, and if rival London clubs were also interested, why would a talented youngster sign for us, rather than West Ham or Palace? It's not as if there's a language or cultural barrier to overcome...
  • Why do we continually secure some of the best young talent from the UK then? Over rival London clubs? Same thing
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