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Champions League Chat

Another big night in the Champions League.

Sevilla and Juventus both look good.

I love watching football other than the VERY well marketed EPL.

Buffon and Casillas are two of the greats but surely Scott Carson in his prime was better than the two of them put together.

You can use this thread to talk all UCL.


  • Leicester so lucky to only be one goal behind.
    They won't win the home game so they are out
  • Sevilla manager will be getting a lot of job offers in the summer. Barcelona and Arsenal will be looking.
  • Sevilla have to be one of the most underrated teams in Europe. Not saying they are on the same level as Barca , Real etc but they do knock the ball around very well.
  • Laddick01 said:

    Sevilla have to be one of the most underrated teams in Europe. Not saying they are on the same level as Barca , Real etc but they do knock the ball around very well.

    Seville would probably win the Prem. Definitely before Conte came to Chelsea.
  • How long have they been staggering this round of 16 out? It seems ridiculous that it still won't finish for another 2 weeks.
  • Napoli 1-up against Real Madrid. Brilliant goal by Mertens. 2-0 gets them through. Real looking rattled.
  • Proper game this. Ronaldo on the counter attack, rounded the keeper and hit the post. At the other end, Mertens with a snap shot across the keeper and against the post. Full house roaring on Napoli.
  • 20,000 Napoli fans were in the stadium 5(five) hours before kickoff !!!
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    This match is incredible. Napoli fans unreal. Napoli deserve to be winning. Amazing what the 12th man can do. Unbelievable the amount of mistakes Madrid have made under the pressure from the Napoli 'CUSTOMERS'.
  • Mertens is a World class player. It still amazes me how Belgium can't seem to do anything spectacular at major tournaments.
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  • Killer away goal by Real. Straight-forward near post corner.
  • Another Real goal from a near post corner. Napoli have six players in the near post/mid goal positions, but have lost two straight-forward headers. Basic defending. Game over.
  • They gave a good go of it. But game over. Great match. Looking forward to Barca PSG now.
  • Yeah. I thought Callejon would get in the game more.

    I hate saying 'lol' but that Arsenal score - lol
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    Arsenal getting battered, 5-1 down tonight, Arsenal tv could be quite lively!
  • From being 1-0 up tonight, and at least going out with respectability, it's all gone humiliatingly wrong for Arsenal...
  • This Barca game isn't just about how good Barca are anymore.

    In my opinion the biggest factor for the 2nd half is how mentally fragile or stable PSG are.
  • I'm hoping for 5-1, last minute goal for PSG
  • Suarez you dirty cheat
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  • Unbelievable Jeff !!!
  • Very entertaining watch. Suarez should have got a second yellow for that dive, not a penalty though. Great comeback
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    Crazy, was 3-1 after 87 minutes.
  • Gutted for anyone that missed that game
  • Question for the media following their claims from the first leg... So are Barca finished?
  • Shellshocked, what a result and turnaround! What a match. Unbelievable. Crazy. So glad Netflix failed so I got to see it!
  • Wow, what a game. Well done Barca, but never a pen to make it 5-1
  • Cracking games. Absolutely despise Suarez.
  • Great result. But be under no illusions. Barca are not the side they once were.
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