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Charlton Life is 10 years old today !

10 years!

For a long time I thought this would be somewhat of a celebration, but our whole Charlton mojo has been deflated like a beach ball attacked by a groundsman’s fork of late. So this has sadly come at a point when our feelings are particularly flat. I have written something on the current backdrop and the impact it has on trying to provide a harmonious platform, but this shouldn’t be the piece for it.

When we went ‘live’ in 2006 we never envisaged such longevity. Nor did we appreciate the roller-coaster sh*tstorm that would be CAFC over the next ten years and the similar ups, downs and challenges we would go on to experience in our personal lives. This was just a bit of a hobby for the pair of us in trying to create something that would positively bring supporters together and give them a platform to share their views. One way or another, this website has had a huge impact on both our lives. We’ll be honest and say that has not always been a positive thing, but we are both still glad we started it despite the many challenges it has brought.

Social studies show that online communities with a high contribution level generally have a shelf-life of between 2-4 years before users grow tired of other key users ways, viewpoints, sarcasm etc. Bar @Henry Irving , who we all collectively loathed from Day 1 :-), I think our members generally stretched to liking each other for a good 7 or 8 years, so that was a fair achievement!

We gained 120 active members in the first seven days, and this rose to 600 in the first 12 months. I can’t begin to tell you how exciting it was when it took off and proved to be something people seemed to enjoy and gained from. That excitement has obviously long left the building, but it’s still pleasing to look back and see some of the things that have been achieved, either through collective fundraising attempts that have been so well supported, right through to the sharing of advice and friendships that have been generated.

In the first few weeks, we asked whether our members would help us sponsor a charity game to raise funds to send a seriously ill 12-year old Charlton fan called Karl on holiday, and we were amazed with the response. I think this helped cement the approach to trying to create a community first, football forum second, and we’ve been grateful we have been able to tap into on so many occasions the positive aspects that the community attachment brings.

Our commitment to CACT continues, which amongst other things has seen our members play a significant part in providing the platform for the Upbeats to be such a success story. The Club have also been a huge net beneficiary of CL through the bulk of this time, whether that be through shirt sponsorships (34 players sponsored), the funding for a minibus for the Academy, funding so the first team could travel to key away matches by train instead of coach, right through to the funding for packs for the Young Addicks Xmas parties, and much more. We are desperately hopeful for the time when once again we can positively contribute in such a way.

Many people have helped us both along the way; @StanmoreAddick was the first person to assist with moderating (hope he is well if anyone still has contact) and @kigelia was the first to help me with generating content for the Blog. Sadly after around five years we had to ditch the websites Front Page, Blog (which I really miss), Gallery, wallpapers and all sorts of over aspects as we had to condense and upgrade our hosting following repeated and challenging security issues.

Since Day 1 however, the forum has always been the heart of CL and dozens of people have ‘come on board’ to various degrees over the years to provide assistance, whether that be as moderators, welcoming officers, preview writers, competition compilers, stats gatherers, article writers, match thread updaters, sponsorship/auction organisers etc. This has never been a closed shop, we embrace everyone that’s keen to put themselves out in some way and it is these people that have played such a crucial role in why CL is still going strong (questionable!) today. We honestly can’t thank you guys and girls enough for the time and input you have provided and in many cases still do.

When we started 10 years ago, Charlton were getting crowds of 27,000. On Tuesday there were 4-5,000 home fans in the ground. Aside from those boycotting, there are huge numbers that have completely fallen away from the regular Charlton scene over that period. Some of those still get their Charlton ‘fix’ through here, but its pleasing that we still have such a huge number of posters still engaged who have been contributing on here for many years. Whether you are one of those original 120, or if CL has been a recent discovery to you, thanks to all our members who have continued to visit/contribute over the years. Some posters undoubtedly prove more challenging to others :-), but this has always ‘worked’ because of the broad church and it’s the variety and difference in character that helps make these sort of platforms what they are. You just have to be tolerant and appreciative that there are others different to you, and this has been increasingly challenging in the Facebook/Twitter era.

The promotion season showed that sharing highs can be fantastic in communities such as this. Sadly, there have been far too many lows over this ten-year period. However, that is just football. The passing of members is sad element to online communities. Those who been around a long while will remember the sad loss of @The_Boat to meningitis in 2007, aged just 17. We have since gone on to lose a number of members, young and old in the following years and our thoughts continue to go out to those guys and their friends and families.

However, that's enough chat, everyone loves a stat. Hopefully the below gives a little insight into what has been a Charlton Life.

Number of Threads: 68,802

Number of Comments: 2,541,312

Number of Pageviews: 193,000,000* (missing 19 months of data)

Most popular day (pageviews): 13th Jan 2016 (Fraeye departure, Nobby Vinegar rumour) – 301,301

Most popular day (unique visitors): 11th March 2014 (Powell departure) – 11,448

Most popular days for usage in order: Tuesday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

User with most contributions: @Henry Irving – 49,204 (and no promotes lol!)

Number of first 30 registered members who are still 'active': 23

UK / non-UK usage: 90.8% / 9.2%

Average amount of pages read per visit: 7.8

Average time spent per visit: 10 mins 40 secs

Order of Top 20 recorded areas of UK usage: London, Dartford, Croydon, Poplar, Brighton, Maidstone, Swanley, Canterbury, Gravesend, Manchester, Newham, Birmingham, Chatham, Norwich, Sheffield, Leeds, Tumbridge Wells, Bristol, Southampton, Basildon

Order of Top 20 countries of usage: UK, US, Australia, Canada, France, Spain, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Thailand, Sweden, Belgium (f off), Austria, New Zealand, UAE, Bermuda, Denmark, China, Switzerland, Czech Republic

Order of Top 5 Countries who spend the longest on average per session: Bermuda, China, UAE, Czech Republic, Australia
Oder of Top 5 UK areas that spend the longest on average per session: Crawley, Reading, Nottingham, Dartford, Croydon
Number of Countries that have recorded over 1,000 sessions: 79 (79th is Estonia)

Top 5 Most popular landing page from search engines (aside from opening page and categories):
1. Ideas for Quiz Rounds (41k)
2. Charlton Rumours Rumours – The Big Kahuna
3. 40-40x0-1 to solve an office argument
4. The Sun
5. Roulette machines in the bookies

Most searched user profile from search engines
1. @_MrDick (4,318 - lol, that’s a hell of a lot of disappointed visitors!!)


  • Happy Anniversary and as always a big thank you to the mods that keep both the site and us in order.

    Had to lol at the MrDick stat.
  • How many members are there registered AFKA?
  • Well done on a monumental effort. Been a member since 2007 and visit pretty much everyday.
  • Oder of Top 5 UK areas that spend the longest on average per session: Crawley,

    Must stop leaving CL on in the background lol
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  • edited August 2016
    Order of Top 5 Countries who spend the longest on average per session: Bermuda,

    Is that just their dial-up connection skewing the figures by taking half a century to load up each page?
  • Happy birthday Charlton life

  • Order of Top 5 Countries who spend the longest on average per session: Bermuda, China, UAE, Czech Republic, Australia
    Oder of Top 5 UK areas that spend the longest on average per session: Crawley, Reading, Nottingham, Dartford, Croydon
    Number of Countries that have recorded over 1,000 sessions: 79 (79th is Estonia)

    Can't believe no Sidcup
  • edited August 2016
    Had to LOL at the 40-40x0-1 and MrDick bits in that. Highlights that immediately stick out - Golfie and Ketman's dating misadventures, pretty much everything to do with the Upbeats but especially the that time they went on the pitch and milked the experience for all it was worth, and back in the days of the Blog, some particularly bonkers postings such as the Darren Bent karaoke thing.

    ETA: Just remembered the CharltonLife Lookie likeys thread, and MCS stalking Darren Bent
  • A wonderful effort AFKA & Lookie.

    Although my love for the Addicks and attendance has waned over the last couple of years, CL is my go to site for all things Charlton and lots of other stuff besides.

    The honesty of our community is fantastic.

    My highlights are the work this site does for the Upbeats and from a personal level the candid stories on the mental health thread as it is something I can relate to.

    Oh and the newly formed fishing thread, love the fishing :)
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  • thanks 10 million times to the technical wizzard chaps and lassies and the keen eyed invigilators who keep things working & sane(ish) .. here's to the next 10 years
  • Scoham said:
    That was marvellous. Laughing out loud at work and can't explain to people why.
  • Congratulations.
    If anyone has the time to browse other teams forums you will find none are a patch on this one.

    Agreed... Last season I went on a few other forums to get opinions on our upcoming games with them... Couldn't believe how difficult some were to navigate!!

    George Osborne is apparently on £50k to give speeches in the USA... Maybe AFKA and Lookie should offer to do speeches to other clubs on how useful it is for fans to have such an easy Forum to get around!!
  • This website is a real credit to AFKA & Lookie as well as the many who contribute. I am sure getting the balance right when managing a forum like this is very tricky - thankfully, it is about right every time.

    It's a scary thought that when it comes to the 20th anniversary that I will have had to change my name to TMA_Old_Git, but that's life.

    Here's to the next 10 years and to those with nothing better to do with their time in China, UAE, Czech Republic and Australia.
  • Problem with Stats, it just leads to demands for more stats.

    Who are the magnificent 7, who are no longer active from the first 30 members?

    Is Hugo one?
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