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    edited February 2016
    Nope. I still don't trust him or his lot one bit.
    One disaster trying to blame another disaster. Comedy gold were it not so awful.
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    It's just lies after lies.
    Begians out.
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    Of course, it doesn't mean that Roland told Katrien to tell Powell what the team should be.
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    Sounds like FFP, or lack of it, is the best chance we have of getting rid.

    Duchatelet said: “We feel we should be very close to the community - we cannot be close when the price is too high.

    “That means we have to open the doors - we’re doing a big programme for schools and inviting youngsters to come to the games.”

    This is never going to happen, people getting freebies or with no real affinity with the club may not depise all you stand for, but almost everyone else does.
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    I did discuss on occasions about players - there were also problems at the time with key ones who wanted to leave, like Yann Kermorgant.

    He's said that as though he did everything in his power too keep Kermorgant and that regardless it was him who wanted out
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    Well I, for one, cannot express how glad I am that he has saved the club from ownership by someone who does not share the English footballing culture...

    Nice of him to infer that any Chinese or Arab investor in English football is essentially Beelzebub in disguise, unlike nice "local" Uncle Roly.

    And reading the quote below, I really wish I could get the image of the Duchatelet football business philosophy as a puppy farm out of my head.

    So what would Duchatelet define as success?

    He said: “The main goal is that the fans and people see this as a place where they can have a great time - meet friends, enjoy the game, watch good football and see youngsters perform well.

    The question is what kind of football do you need? I think at the minimum Championship level. That’s what we definitely need.

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    "The Championship is anything but fair play. Due to this change in rule FFP isn’t there anymore in practise.”

    “There is interest, of course, but I don’t see the point [in selling]."

    Why? Because he has ulterior motives.
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    Actually agree with what he says about the new FFP rulings, it is ridiculous and we'll likely see more and more clubs end up like Bolton as a result.

    However, it's unlikely to change so if you don't like it Roly, please fuck off.

    It's like asking formula 1 to give every driver the same car.

    Great in principal, but never EVER going to happen.

    Roland is trying to be a renegade but shows no interest in football or the clubs he owns.
    Hardly leading from the front is he!

    Box 'o frogs.
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