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My father's Charlton Life

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My father Bernard Justham passed away in Queen Elizabeth Hospital on Monday .

It was his influence that made me an Addick.

His own Addicktion started in 1947 ,so I guess he was a glory hunter. He spent the 1950's at sea but reignited his interest in Charlton when some family friends asked him to take their son to games in the mid Sixties . Unfortunately the lad lived in Forest Hill and after a while got tempted by school friends into following Palace when they surged to the old First Division . My brother was next and he was really an Arsenal fan although he 'liked' Charlton.

So I guess it was third time lucky with me . At primary school I also was a bit of a tart when it came to who I supported . I went through Man Utd , West Ham , Spurs and Liverpool . I must admit I wasn't impressed the first time I went to Charlton . I saw us lose 4-0 to the Brian Clough managed Brighton in 1973/74 .

Supporting Charlton grew on me .The next time I remember going was after promotion to the Second Division . It was a big televised game against Sunderland in 1975/76 . Although we lost again 2-1 . I managed to get my Dad to take me again the following month when I saw Charlton win 2-0 against Plymouth Argyle on a Friday night . I always loved the old Valley when floodlit .I particularly remember from that season going with him to a classic game against Fulham complete with Bobby Moore and Alan Mullery when Killer scored a last minute winner to win it 3-2.

It was the next season that I made the transition to becoming a fully fledged Charlton supporter . I concluded that as I never watched Liverpool live so it was illogical to say I supported them . We got season tickets in that season and the 6-2 victory against the FA Cup winners Southampton was my tipping point moment .

We then shared a position at the top of the East Terrace until 1985 when the move to Selhurst came . Whilst there I rebelled and didn't sit with him as I normally went with my mates. I started sitting with him again at Upton Park .We used to go one stop further on the District Line to East Ham and walk to the Wakefield pub . Unlike Selhurst we enjoyed West Ham.

Then it was back home . We started in the White Swan , moved on to the Pickwick before settling on Roses in Woolwich where we have enjoyed a pre match pint for the last ten years . We shared the drama of the play off final and the Premiership years . In recent times my son Edward has come with us . I particularly enjoyed Chris Powell's promotion in 2011/12 . I remember thinking at the Hartlepool game that life didn't get better than being with both your father and son celebrating a promotion.

He attended the QPR , Hull and Rotherham matches this season . I am just sad his 'Charlton life' ended after the two 3-0 defeats and the news about Luzon losing his job .



  • RIP to your father
  • That's a really lovely thing you have written. RIP Bernard.
  • Nice post @Richard J - condolences to you and your family. I am sure you have many great memories to look back on
  • Lovely story Richard, RIP
  • Good luck to you mate - brought a tear to my eye that did.

    And good on you Bernard - a true Charlton legend.
  • Sorry to hear your news but thanks for sharing your dad's and your own story.

  • Sorry to hear of your loss, Richard.

    But great to hear about all those good times you shared .
  • All the best mate. Nice tribute to your Dad.
  • Well-written tribute to your Dad. RIP.
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    Lovely to read and very sorry for your loss. As someone enjoying the experience of going to home matches as the middle of 3 generations, this really struck a chord and is a good reminder of how fleeting this special type of family bonding can be. (Leaving current events on and off the pitch aside for the minute)

    And if memory serves, you saw Killer get sent off for assaulting an opponent in your second match - no wonder you were addicted!
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    I'm sure yours and your dad's story will strike a chord with many on here Richard.

    Condolences on your loss mate. RIP Bernard
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    RIP Bernard. A lovely "story" Richard.

    0-4 Brighton. Didn't David Howell or Ron Howell, score a hat-trick ?

    The Sunderland game, my schoolmates ran on the pitch and you could see them on The Big Match getting escorted off.

    Plymouth, was it fireworks night, I seem to remember it being ?

    Fulham game, Killer hat-trick, absolutely brilliant. 1st game I went without my Dad, because my nan was terminally ill.

    6-2 over Soton, also an evening game, one of my favourites.

    What great memories.

    Ask me about some of our recent games though and I couldn't tell you.

    All the best mate.

  • Condolences for your loss but what a beautiful story. Great post
  • RIP to your Dad
  • Sorry for your loss

    RIP Bernard.
  • So sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing.
  • Lovely story. Condolences mate. RIP
  • Sorry for your loss. Enjoy the memories.
  • RIP. Thanks for sharing - nice story. My Dad was a Charlton supporter too, but sadly, we never actually went to the ground together once.
  • A lovely way to remember his Charlton Life. Condolences.
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  • RIP.

    Lovely account of your time with your father.
  • RIP Bernard J. Thanks for sharing the storey and sorry for your loss.
  • Brilliant story.
  • Nice tribute. RIP.
  • Lovely story and a fitting tribute to your Dad, Richard.

    RIP Bernard, always a fellow addick.
  • RIP Bernard.
    Foots cray lions and charlton lose one of footballs best.
  • Thanks for sharing.
    RIP Bernard
  • RIP

    Sorry for your loss

    The good times will come again and all past Addicks will look down and cheer.
  • That was a moving read. RIP
  • Sorry for your loss. Brilliant and moving tribute.
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