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England U21s v Sweden U21s

Anyone else watching this? A must win game but we are, mostly, playing a very patient passing game which is great for the possession stats but not exactly putting the Swedes under pressure. We've had 2 or 3 decent chances but unless we create more 2nd half i think we're going to be coming home early.

Interesting to see the youngsters. Mostly good players but I haven't ever seen much to rave about in Chalobah and Liam Moore.


  • what channel is it on?
  • BT SPort 1
  • England were very lack-lustre,predictable - like watching England senior team in any recent tournament.
    0-0 at half-time.
  • Its on the Gareth Southgate sleep channel. Appalling manager.
  • Thanks - got it
  • Chalobah and Moore have been very poor. Typical, look-at-me, i am at a Premier club , arent i great- then trip over the ball.
  • On the other hand, Pritchard looks mustard. Redmond too, although better in the previous game against Portugal than this one, so far.

    Another one to watch......a lad called Jenkinson at Arsenal/West Ham could make a name for himself...... :neutral:
  • Sweden have always known how do stop us beating them. no difference here. Stroll in the park for Sweden.
  • Dunno who Carroll plays for, but he's been abysmal.
  • Dunno who Carroll plays for, but he's been abysmal.

    Contracted to Spurs, on loan at Swansea last season but only played 8 or 9 games.
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  • Pritchard DID look good - gone off injured.
  • Chalobah has played absolute shite.
  • Sweden are just letting us pass it around and we don't have a clue how to break them down in the last third - not a clue. If this bunch is the future then god help us.
  • Sweden are just letting us pass it around and we don't have a clue how to break them down in the last third - not a clue. If this bunch is the future then god help us.

    If Southgate is the future nobody can help us.
  • I've given up. Do we employ coaches ? Never seen a more dysfunctional team in my life.
  • No engines, no penetration, said it before the tournament it won't be us winning it - other teams have grown up together, our team is as least together as you will get at an U21 stage. Especially with the wages some of these guys are at, and the success a couple of them already have..

    Southgate also won't help, with this amount of talent splattered about it just needs a way of working that to succeed. Possession isn't that way if it means getting scared in the last third.
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    Take a look at the last 2 or 3 U21 squads. Think only 3 or 4 have gone on to play for the senior squad.

    This 'generation' also include Sterling, Barkley, Wilshere, Jones, Stones, Townsend, Smalling, Welbeck, Sturridge. Not all world beaters admittedly, but they are better than what's on show now.
  • Worldy by Jesse!
  • Get in.
  • Wow! Great goal by Jesse Lingered. Totally out of character with the England performance. 1-0.
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  • Loftus-Cheek looking much better than Chalobah. If Mourinho fancies lending us one of them, it's L-C for me!
  • Got out of jail there. Poor overall performance but won it with a quality goal. Sweden came to defend, get a point and maybe grab a goal on the break. Our lads have to be a lot smarter at dealing with that if they want to progress very far. Having said that, chances are that Italy will have to go for a win when we play them, which might suit us better.
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    We did that on occasions last season - playing possession stuff but too much in front of the defenders. Can't recall the opponents, possibly Reading but Luzon got us passing faster and then what was comfortable become uncomfortable in the second half . Players have the ability and message should only be, be a bit faster with passes in final third - take risks and back your ability.
  • Were we connected with Liam Moore? Pants as was Gibson. Never seen Obileye Thomas play but Konza and Lennon better than those two.
  • I felt before a ball was kicked in our 1st match that John Stones would be a big miss and that the two CB's Moore and Gibson were average.
    And i knew we would overpass because that is the mantras of all the Academies,

    I thought he would go with Kane and Ings from the start. but not sure if Danny is trying too hard when he comes on, but is finding it hard to have any impact.
    Lingard got us out of jail. Harry Kane is the nearly man for this team so far, but will score in the next match.

  • Wont Stones be back for the Italy game?
  • Wont Stones be back for the Italy game?

    Yes, I think so. To be honest, from what I've seen I could see a certain Joe Gomez out-performing all the current U21 centre backs if he is given a chance.
  • Lingard doesn't score many .. but guess what ? .. he scored a peach against us last season at the iPro a k a Pride Park
  • Dunno who Carroll plays for, but he's been abysmal.

    Joey Tribiani would sign him up after that scout report.
  • I like looking at threads like this after the event, all the posts knocking England and the deafening silence when they get the goal they deserve... :smiley:
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