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Site Not Found (ed. P3 on New Mobile Theme)



  • And where's the Home option ?

    If you drag the screen at the top you will see Charlton Life. Hit that and it will take you back to the top.

  • It's back !
  • Have to say I was getting used to the old-new mobile site but now it's back I'm very glad.
  • Thank God!
  • Don't say we don't listen :-)

  • Just as I was beginning to feel you didnt care
  • Yaaaay!!! The old theme is back. Fantastic. Cheered me up. Thanks Mods.
  • That's much better, phew!
  • I quite miss the old new one..... ;-)
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  • Don't say we don't listen :-)

    Perhaps you should have a word with RD, about listening to other people who have an interest in what is going on :-)
  • Love the new theme

    Only thing I liked about the other one was that you didnt have to scroll to the top to get a link to homepage but happy with this.
  • So just to keep everyone in the loop...

    The "new" mobile theme has been available to sites on this platform for a while. We hadn't really considered it as we were generally happy with the "old" theme.

    When we had the episode a few weeks ago where people were having unusual issues following a standard maintenance upgrade, we decided to switch to the new one, partly in the hope that it might flush out some of the issues some people were having.

    In that sense it was successful however it was very clear early on that it just didn't feel as user friendly as the old theme. We wanted to wait a few days (as you should with any change) to see if grew on people, but there are just too many fundamental tweaks required (imo) to make it a step forward.

    When we get more time we'll look at it again behind the scenes as I'm sure it can be an improvement with a bit of work, but for now we've reverted it back as that clearly seemed what the majority of the users prefer.
  • edited June 2015
    Thank heavens is gone back to old site.

    "If it ain't broke dont fix it".
  • Dont like it - can we have the new one back please.?
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