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Site Not Found (ed. P3 on New Mobile Theme)



  • No one likes change but if change makes life better and easier then people will go along with it. The new mobile set up wil take a while for me to get used to but if it resolves connection issues and makes the moderators life easier on here then it's ok with myself.
  • Don't like the new layout please bring the old one back only visited site half a dozen times yesterday as couldn't handle it and had to spend the evening talking to my girlfriend, please I beg you can't do it again tonight
  • Not keen on the new mobile theme.

    Sky Blue on white text is never a good idea, could it be made darker?

    When you are signed in, it is not too easy to make out which threads have new comments on. Can the "nn New" be highlighted, the way it is on the Main Site?
  • I'm starting to enjoy the new theme, you get used to it quickly. Needs Charlton colours though.
  • This is what I see: not sure why it's so hated?
  • Still cannot sign out on my computer
  • Yeah. I'm still struggling. It's difficult to find things as it's too busy.
    I'm bound to miss a transfer or some other piece of genuine mundane news....and I really fear for Colin!
  • edited June 2015
    I hate change.

    Please go back.
  • ross1 said:

    Still cannot sign out on my computer

    why do you want to sign out ?
  • MrOneLung said:

    ross1 said:

    Still cannot sign out on my computer

    why do you want to sign out ?
    Probably just me, but I like to sign out when not using computer
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  • That's almost definitely a cookies issue @ross1 Clear your browser's cookies and try again.
  • edited June 2015
    LoOkOuT said:

    That's almost definitely a cookies issue @ross1 Clear your browser's cookies and try again.

    Thank you Lookout, Realised I am not too old to learn, found browse cookies and now OK. Thank you
  • Another in favour of returning to the old look on the mobile site. New layout is horrible. Also, for some reason on the mobile site I'm getting every word I type repeated whenever I hit the space bar
  • I like it. Once I worked out to press 'charlton life' to get back to view the discussions not by category it's ok. Will take a bit of getting used to but it's fine. Page numbers would be handy. It's hard to see if you need to press the right arrows to get further in the thread as they are small and you can't jump straight to a page but otherwise it's quite clean looking.
  • I've given it a little while and a few visits but I really can't get on with it. Sorry.
  • Not a fan, I've tried but it doesn't work for me.

    No idea of when last comment was made and trying to navigate to pages is hard - I have to scroll through the entire page to the bottom to move back one page, and do the same thing again and again to wade through all the comments for the day after work...

    Hope we don't have another Delort Saga creating a billion puns and "thanks Colins" !!
  • Can't see site at all now except in this new format, it really is pony
  • It's gash
  • I didn't realise I had been mentioned in a post all day despite popping on and off the site on my desktop at work till I looked on the mobile site at home and it was at the bottom and more prominent. Another positive!

    People don't like change. But get used to it.
  • Still hate it.
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  • I've deleted it from my phone now i hate it so much.
  • Definitely got used to it ...quite like it now
  • I have no problem with change but i'm not a fan of it either but when looking at any thread the left arrow needs to take you back to the page you were on last which is what happens on your internet browser.

    For example I am looking at the Recent Discussion page, open up the Big Kahuna thread and then after browsing click on the left arrow expecting to be back on the Recent Discussion page but instead end up on the Rumours page. This is the kind of thing that will end up on the things that generally annoy you thread.

    Also as others have mentioned, removing the icons so all the thread titles appear at the same place so that ones without an icon don't start further left on the page than ones with icons.

    Again as others have said, a darker colour is needed for the font - red and black like the main site would work fine.

    If these things can be tweaked then I see no issue with it.
  • Nothing wrong with change if its worth it.

    The old version was better in pretty much every way.
  • edited June 2015
    Now lost "home" option and no page numbers displayed apart from current, first and back/forward. If you are going to change something, making at least as good as before should be a priority. Also no name of who made last post.
  • I like it now it has grown on me but please get some CAFC colour in there!
  • Hate it. No page numbers listed, just first and last. Don't think I'll be visiting much from now on - and that's not resisting change for the sake of it.
    Why do things in life never seem to change for the better ?!
  • And where's the Home option ?
  • I can't deal with this it's doing my head in
  • I don't hate fact I think the Charlton Life 'button' at the top is a good addition.

    I agree with what others have said re page numbers, last post by and clarity where new posts etc.

    If those things can be sorted I'll be fine with it.

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