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Ed. The Annual summer rumours thread that goes more off course than a blindfolded one armed golfer. Expect a rumour every 26 pages. For a no-chat listing of all the Charlton news and rumours, see the link below

And so it begins ...


  • oh hello welcome to the summer.
  • Let's it be true please
  • Great goalscoring record the last two seasons for Preston. Can he make the step up though.
  • They won't sell until they know what division they will be on next season.
  • I might avoid this until September for my sanity!
  • Crap at Forest, crap at Watford. No thanks.
  • He's a Preston Fan,likely to be in the same league as us next year,Cant see what we could offer him other than wages that would turn his head.
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  • Why would we make an enquiry at 1am let alone for someone that will more than likely be playing in the Championship for Preston anyway?
  • For those that can't read the above tweet, some shite source says we have enquires about Joe Garner
  • I've heard that we've put in a cheeky bid for Julian Gray / Darren Purse and Hayden Mullins.

    Does anyone have a YouTube video of these mystery players?

    Darren Purse can doooo one ... I sponsored his shirt at Welling earlier this year, he was CRAP
  • cafc4life said:

    He's a Preston Fan,likely to be in the same league as us next year,Cant see what we could offer him other than wages that would turn his head.

    The footballer's language.
  • He is a win away from playing in the Championship with his home town club. If Preston go up he wont move anywhere, if they only make the play-offs and then fail to go up I'd reckon Preston will want £2m + for him.

    non starter
  • Has had plenty chances in the championship and was poor. Definition of a league 1 striker. Wouldn't pay a dime for him
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  • Great rumour to start the thread off. I'm well chuffed.
  • markmc68 said:

    Would prefer Matt smith at fulham rather than 'Big Bird' Joel garner.

    Yep me too
  • So does anyone know the hit rate?

    Is it like 100 rumours before you get a signing?
  • I would look around the network for underutilised assets - that's how I spotted Tucudean months before the actual transfer.
  • Here we go again...
  • The obsession with a big target man is bizarre. How many are really effective at our level? Give me another Watt any day.

    Before anyone says anything, I know the height test is a long standing joke!
  • Don't forget, we need to know FACTS, not just rumours.

    So please don't forget that you will need to post both (1) the player's height and (2) his father's Twitter address, if you want to be taken seriously.
  • Anyone know the latest on delort ??
  • Maybe it was Garnier that was mentioned and Guy thought he could get some cheapies for the wife.
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