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Addicks v's Forest match thread 3/3/15

Evening we go again...another 3 goals and another 3 points for the Addicks? I would like to think so, but Forest are on a good run of form and living here in Nottingham I can assure you they are quietly confident of winning, although they know it'll be a difficult game. After Saturday's sell-out it will also be interesting to see what the crowd is tonight....I reckon around 17k . I think we can win....2-1 Addicks, will bring you the teams as soon as I get them. COYR's!!!!


  • Chris Solly spotted in Nandos with Johnnie Jackson so looks like he's defo out.
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    Early news is that it would appear that Solly is not playing...not yet confirmed.

    From twitter - No Solly tonight :-( he's having a Nando's with Jacko about 4 tables away from me
  • Evening Red, thanks in advance for the updates. Luckily I have the day off of school so I can actually follow this one in its entirety. COYA
  • It's not too late for me to turn back and go home.....Team news yet ?
  • Henderson (c), Wilson, Gomez, Bulot, Diarra, Vetokele, Buyens, Fox, Cousins, Watt, Harriott
  • Evening Red, thanks in advance for all the updates.
  • Gudsun out, Solly out
  • Not sure about that
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  • Weird team.
  • Diarra at CB?
  • Subs: Dmitrovic, Bikey, Church, Lennon, Lepoint, Aherne-Grant, Eagles

  • Why not Eagles instead of Harriott? And why not bikey at the back and Diarra im midfield?
  • Okay this is new. Uhh Diarra playing CB or 3 at the back?
  • Bonkers selection.
  • Forest Darlow, Lichaj, Lascelles, Collins, Fox, Burke, Gardner, Osborn, Lansbury (C), Antonio, Fryatt
  • No Johnson?
  • Subs: De Vries, Mancienne, Wilson, Vaughan, Paterson, Blackstock, Veldwijk
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  • So our whole first choice back four are out. Goals in this for Forest.
  • I cant believe that two blokes who must earn at least £300k pa each choose to eat in Nando's.
  • Could be a back 4 that have all come from the academy.

    Wilson (sort of) Gomez Cousins Fox
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    Very strange lineup. Can see this being a high scoring game.

    Edit: All changes forced
  • I am normally very positive going into every game but that selection is ridiculously unbalanced and can not work
  • I cant believe that two blokes who must earn at least £300k pa each choose to eat in Nando's.

    Sorry. I properly gave myself away there. #Guardianreader
  • Evening everyone. I'll be following the match in bed. I have a chest infection and temperature. Generally feel awful. Strange decision to have Diarra at centre back. Nice to see Lennon back on the bench.
  • So a pretty shit right midfielder at right back, an injury prone centre mid at centre back alongside a 17 year old with Fox at left back?

  • Could be a stroke of Genius Diarra has played there before and has height and experience..

    Would have started Eagles above Harriott but not terrible...

    3:1 to the addicks!!
  • Hmmmm... confidence evaporating by the second with that lineup!

    But hey ho, a few games ago we'd of been stuffing magazines down our trousers expecting a good spanking.

    C'mon you Addicks!!!!!!
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