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The chairmans is talking to us

What he is saying come and see my Guys play Chris Powell's team and only for a fiver, unless like me you are a season ticket holder then it will cost you on average about £15. Well he's got himself a full house, so let the game's begin. I wonder if it will be a thumb up or down at the end by K M


  • I thought it was generally about this time of year anyway they did the 'football for a fiver' game anyway, could well have been pencilled in before Powell was appointed there and it's just a coincidence. Even if not it's really not a big conspiracy, if the tickets are going cheap then the more you sell the better, and CP is a big draw. Seems pretty sensible to me.
  • The principle of offering a game for a fiver once a season does not upset me, a season-ticket holder.
    But in terms of marketing, the decision to make it this game seems fairly ridiculous. The return of Chris Powell was always going to give rise to a higher gate than usual.
    I would have thought a better choice would have been for the less attractive games, such as home to Rotherham or Blackpool or even Wigan.
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    I have never had an issue with this idea, in fact I have been a FF5 leaflet distributor for about 3+ years.

    We will only survive in the long run with new supporters joining us - and we have competition for the punter's leisure £ from all kinds of places.

    It has other benefits too, I remember Matt Taylor talking about playing for Exeter against us in a full stadium and how it made him want to play for us.

    Glad we are full and noisy today - especially for the return of CP, and you never know if a beneficial investor may be watching and admiring our potential. Perhaps getting rid of the "Doo$h" clan and returning us to a happy community/family run club like we used to be.
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