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+++Merry Christmas to all Lifers+++

Just wanted to say on behalf of @Lookout and myself, our annual thanks to all our members, particularly those who give up their time to assist us in helping the site tick over in their various different ways.

As most of you know two of our members ( @Redmidland‌ and @March51) are likely to be in hospital over the Christmas period. We’ve sent them cards on behalf of everyone here, but please have them and their families in your thoughts, and hope they will soon be on the road to recovery and back contributing to our merry madhouse. It’s also been a difficult year in various ways for a number of others in our extended CL family, and we hope that everyone can go on to have a more positive new year.

Whilst we all want Charlton to go on a run that culminates in a few years’ time defending our Premier League and FA Cup titles, at the end of the day its only football, and this time of year should really emphasis that.

So to all who contribute, or just regularly read our site, best wishes of the season to you and your families wherever you are in the world, and hoping for a healthy and happy 2015

Up the Addicks!


  • Great post AFKA .. a merry Christmas and a prosperous, healthy and successful 2015 to you, your family and all Charlton Lifers
  • Happy Christmas everyone... Drink, laugh and be merry (but if your driving them be sensible and save, dont want any RIP threads over the next few weeks) - 2014 was a great year from me so hopefully 2015 is about to become even better not only for myself but for everyone on here... Cheers
  • To you AFKA, the other moderators and CL members, have a great one.

    I'm sure this won't apply to any of those that frequent this site, but in the words of Sergeant Esterhaus of NYPD Blue fame, "be careful out there" too.
  • Merry Xmas to everyone on here.

  • great post AFKA, Merry Christmas to all.

    speedy recoveries to those not feeling at their best at the moment
  • Merry Christmas!
  • Nice post. Happy Christmas everyone!
  • Happy Christmas to all Lifers everywhere. Hopefully Santa Bob will give us three points as a late present on Boxing Day....!
  • Merry Christmas and good luck to us all!
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  • Merry Christmas to all fellow Charlton sufferers.
  • Merry Xmas fellow lifers.
  • Yep - Merry Crimbo!
  • Merry Christmas to all our readers.
    Also have a Happy and Prosperous New Year.
    @Redmidland‌ and @March51 get well soon!
  • Merry Christmas to all and hoping Redmidland and March51 get well soon.
  • Yup, Merry Chrimbles
  • Merry Crimbo lifers!
  • Merry Christmas and preposterous new year to you all.
  • Happy Christmas to everybody who posts on here, and especially to our moderators.
    Best wishes in particular to Red and March.
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  • Great sentiments, AFKA.

    'Tis the season to be jolly, or so we're told but sometimes that's easier said than done,

    Wherever & however you spend the next few days , I hope you find peace & joy and that 2015 brings you health, happiness & your heart's desire.

    And as someone once said, Live, Love, Laugh and Be Happy.

  • Amazing. I was feeling pretty fed up earlier, then I look on here and suddenly it's Christmas and I'm feeling happy (not the other 6 dwarves, please note :-) )!

    A time for forgiveness (of out recent form) and celebration (that we are still in existence and punching at about our average in the Championship). Let's be loud and proud against Cardiff on Friday!

    Happy Christmas one and all, and a healthy and happy new year - especially to fellow lifers and their loved ones who are experiencing health problems just now.

    See you at the Valley on Boxing Day :-)
  • Merry Christmas everyone and very best wishes for 2015 - especially for those currently poorly.

    And the most seasonal of greetings to daddy Roland - pretty please get the chequebook out ;-)
  • A merry Xmas and a happy and fruitful New Year to you all.

    Now did I remember the cheese........
  • Happy Xmas one and all. Hope those who are currently unwell have a speedy recovery. Big thanks to all concerned who run this website which is by far the best football related site out there.
  • To AFKA, the other moderaters and all the C.L family I wish you a happy xmas and a healthy & peaceful 2015.

    Cannot make the boxing day game, having a restaurant meal meet up with my cousins an second cousins plus my Uncle who is 94 years young (reds supporter of course)

    He fought with the desert rats 8th army through Africa, Sicily & Italy and witnessed mount Vesuvious' last eruption in 1944.
  • Merry Christmas lifers!

    'Live, Love, Laugh and Be Happy', guys!
  • Merry Christmas.

  • Very best wishes to everyone, and thanks for this unique, indescribable mixture of wisdom, compassion, generosity and complete and utter nonsense that is CL each and every day!!
  • to quote Margot

    "Yuletide Felicitations"

    to all Lifers and their families

    thanks to AFKA and Lookie for the site

    get well to Red and March

    and to all of us a successful New Year
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