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Weird problem with comment ordering on threads

edited February 2014 in Troubleshooting
According to the main forum view, Airman Brown has posted another comment on the "Kermorgant sets record straight" thread ( this morning. However when I go into the thread to look at it, the last comment I see (on page 5) is from AFKA on Feb 7th. However if I go back to page 4, the last comment is from Imnot Athletic on Feb 8th. Has something weird happened with the comment indexing? I've tried signing out and back in, and using a different browser, and it makes no difference, so am reasonably sure it's not a problem at this end.

It appears other threads are also affected, so if we can add links to them here with a detail of the problem it may help the admins sort it out.

(Edited to reflect it's not just the one thread affected)


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